Accessible customer data: Leak at Oneplus Security


Accessible customer data: Leak at Oneplus Security

If you are a OnePlus customer, you should be interested in receiving the latest news about the data leak incident.

The embarrassment of the OnePlus company is to be repealed.

Literally shocking, it was reported that OnePlus had a data leak. Data such as usernames, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and delivery addresses were affected by the leak. All the spams and phishing mails were hell for affected customers, including German citizens. Customers were notified of this construction error by e-mail, but that does not change the fact that it was ready too late. The only consoling thing is apparently that payment information, passwords and accounts are unaffected.

The company wants to finally pick up its mistake!

Given that so far there are no clear indications of the exact number of customers affected as well as on how many private data third persons actually had access to. Is it no longer easy for OnePlus to regain customer trust. Under these circumstances, it is said that there is “allegedly” no leak in terms of data information. But that will not be enough in any case to convince the customers of the security OnePlus. One could assume that there could already be tens of thousands affected, because last year there were 40,000 customers.

Therefore, this time the company should work to improve its security platform. Although accurate information is still not available, it is known that OnePlus is planning on an external security system and an official Bug Bounty program.


Even if already long overdue, better too late than not at all!

Hopefully, it will also be announced, as well, why it was waited so long or why OnePlus has disregarded such a mistake so far, because such an incident came as we know in 2018 to appear. In 2018 even credit card data had been taken by affected customers.

Perhaps the company is considering how it can regain the weakened reputation and the lost customers trust. That should be OnePlus, that’s for sure.

We will see what awaits us next month.