Apple iPhone 5G

Apple iPhone 5G
Apple iPhone 5G

Apple iPhone 5G

Apple wants to outdo itself with its new iPhone 5G, according to rumors, the company is working hard.

Expectations are high as regards the new flagship iPhone 5G, but it is unclear whether the company’s new phone can actually be so outstanding. Although analyst of Apple company Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple would launch 5G-enabled smartphones this year, as well as a 6.1-inch OLED model with LTE support, Apple still waits for this technology on its devices use. And this under the conditions that the 5G technology has started this year on many of the smartphones. The reason for this is plausible, the iPhone is not ready yet, according to the manufacturer’s explanation.

Battery life

Perhaps it’s because it’s still not clear what the impact of 5G technology is on battery life. Research has shown that this iPhone 5G technology can lead to higher performance requirements. However, this can be mitigated in part by a lower power consumption per base station.

For users, it is still not clear what impact 5G technology will have on iPhone 5G battery life, which leads to curiosity. However, at the moment we can only see how this technology will be shown on other smartphones.

Changes in cooperation

But not only this prediction was made, but also that the company is working until 2023 to have its own 5G chip. Apparently Apple does not want to use outsourcing, but create a company own.

Among them is also known that Apple and Qualcomm had agreed to work together. These disclosures suggest that Apple may soon launch a 5G iPhone because Qualcomm already has a 5G modem. Because this agreement was also a “chipset delivery agreement”.

On the same day as this agreement, Intel announced that it has discontinued the 5G modem business with Apple.


There will always be expectations.

The expected functions

Among the other intended features of the new iPhone 5G, should include a new 3D rear-view camera with depth detection. With the help of this use, AR-Apps and games should be able to recognize any objects in the environment. This will certainly be easier to estimate over time by using the X55 modem from several smartphone manufacturers. Until the delivery of the new iPhone 5G, the performance and impact, with their advantages and disadvantages, will certainly be pretty good.

5G technology

The so-called 5G is a combination of different technologies and standards. Even the US government is interested in networks with millimeter waves, thus 5G technology. This is the fastest and most efficient way to use frequency bands. With the 5G ranges will no longer play a role, as they are thereby limited to a minimum.

Although the Qualcomm-made X50 modem supports 4G and 5G styles, which is also used in today’s new 5G smartphones, Apple is still unable to catch up with them. Under these circumstances, users can not understand why the company does nothing. It is currently also not exactly aware of which modems were equipped with the previous 5G smartphones from Apple. So to be precise, whether they are equipped with Qualcomm modems or with Intel technology. Actually, it does not matter if you consider that both need to be improved.

Release date

Some users waiting for Apple’s 5G iPhone already have the assumption that the company is waiting for 5G is not the last hit on smartphones. In other words, until the application of 5G among smartphones is considered conventional.

It does not seem to be that far away because it is expected that in less than a year 5G will become mainstream. Since now 5G smartphones are sold under $ 500. This will be the case in most of the markets. To say so only 10 months ahead of us at best, which is not a long time limit to see how Qualcomm will spread.

The deadline has begun. After all that has been said and is still going on about the company, Apple could be aroused. What could lead to or contribute, among other things, that Apple is no longer afraid of applying 5G and even before the end of 2020, a 5G iPhone brings out.

The against argument for 5G

The Apple company takes a stand against all the arguments by repeating the same thing as before the release of the first iPhone generations. The reason for it would be loud manufacturer, that the iPhone generation are not yet ready for 5G functions. This statement can be commented on various ways, but we all know that Apple has always wanted to offer only the best on the market.