Apple iPhone SE 2 Specs, Features


Apple iPhone SE 2 features and features

There are signs in the Apple industry for the new flagship, even though it has not been officially announced, users expect the iPhone SE 2 to come out in 2020.

It should be a device with the latest technology, which, however, should be made much cheaper to buy. We suspect the high iPhone prices of the previous iPhones, the reason could be that the company has lost market share in the near past. It is likely that the high prices were used for sales, as they had to catch up. However, this would not be possible with the introduction of a cheap iPhone SE 2, but it will soon be time to do so.

iPhone SE 2 price speculation


Ming-Chi Kuo the analyst, imagine the price of the new iPhone SE 2 for 399 US dollars. Theoretically, we expect a price that is at least equal to its predecessor, but not more expensive than the rest of the Apple devices.

iPhone SE 2 design

Without any idea or announcement of the company, we assume that the design of iPhone SE 2 2020 will look similar to smaller screen iphones. It could look like the iPhone 8 with a 4.7-inch-sized screen or even like the iPhone X with the notch. Most likely is to believe, the assumption that it is designed with the top notch, no home button and no headphone jack. A dual camera on the iPhone SE 2 would be a reason to raise the price, which we do not want. All assumptions and assumptions for 2020 could correct the company in principle, but it does not.

Therefore, we have no choice but to wait and think about it. However, Apple may want to surprise users by creating a completely new design, or expect smaller surprises such as a headphone jack.

One thing we can be sure of is that the model will definitely have a glass back and a wireless charging function.

This slightly smaller and cheaper Apple smartphone should gradually become official. The now well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, expressed his own opinions regarding the design of the expected iPhone SE 2-2020. In his opinion, the new flagship will have an A13 chipset and 3GB of RAM. As an appearance, however, it would have an iPhone 8-like design with the same screen size.

Such assumptions have been around for a long time, one of the first guesses is the direction that the iPhone SE 2 will include a quad-core A10 chipset with 2GB of RAM. Also on the screen size comments were made such as that it could have a 4 inch display and a 12 megapixel rear view camera. The easiest way would be for the company to bring out an improved version of its predecessor.

Apart from that, users can not stop themselves thinking about how Apple will bring it about by 2020 to make a better but also cheap iPhone SE 2. Because of this, there are rumors such as that face recognition will not be available to cut costs. In view of the fact that most expect a full-screen ad from Apple, how about unlocking the iPhone without having a facial unlocking feature.

Although this is only a 3.5mm detail, we are sure that the largest number of iPhone users would be very pleased if the headphone jack 2020 is not skipped in the iPhone SE 2. Apple has not made any hints, but it’s worth noting that this jack is an important feature for users.

A Better Battery Expectation for the iPhone SE 2 (2020)

As is known, the iPhone is the most popular currently longest-lasting, the predecessor of the SE 2 so the SE. It’s an iPhone that lasts all day. The energy-saving design of the SE has contributed to this. By having a small screen with edges, Apple did not have to save the battery.

In view of these characteristics of the predecessor can only be expected that the successor something better and surprising is brought into use. In any case, expectations for 2020 are pretty high.

Improved performance

At the time of the SE, it was a sensation when it came out to see that such a small compared to the other iPhone with the same features, was much cheaper. It was awesome because it was just powerfull and small at the same time. This is the performance of 2016 now we hope for the flagship of the year 2020. The Apple company should design the new iPhone SE 2 in any case with the latest chipset and an expandable storage option.

A new design for the iPhone SE 2, should this come into question in 2020, we do not know but it would be nice. According to some rumors, the design of the iPhone 5 could return, due to the size of the screen. Since it is believed that iPhone SE 2 2020 seems to have an ergonomic design. As well as everything that we have discussed here, we can only keep thinking about it until official statements are made. However, it is certain that rumors will continue to spread if the company does not announce anything about iPhone SE 2.

Users are starting to get impatient with the new 2020 part. But there can be no further worries in the future.