Apple remains the company most expensive in the world

Among the 100 most popular companies from six of Germany, excluding Austria

The ten companies with the highest market value in the world sitting all in the United States. This emerges from an analysis of the consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY), which was published Tuesday in Stuttgart. A year and a half ago were in the top ten are just eight US firms to find.

Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet

Among the hundreds of the most popular forms come, based on analysis of 54 of the USA, 26 in Europe and 17 in Asia. Germany is represented with six companies in the top 100 Austrian companies are not among the 100 most valuable here.

The most expensive company in the world remains the analysis suggests Apple. Although the technology group’s market value had declined since mid-year by 18 percent or 127 billion dollars (116 billion euros), but the current value of 596 billion dollars (544 billion euros) on the rich for first place. Secondly, therefore, follows the mother alphabet Google 531 billion market capitalization, Microsoft comes with $ 447 billion in third place.

The dominance of the US economy in the rankings EY led to good economic development in the country and a “modern and the future that the mixture of the industry” back. In particular, the IT sector plays a role much higher than in Europe in the United States.

Roche European society as highly placed

The top ranked European companies in the ranking is the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche to 13th place on 67 the first German company is left with Bayer with a market capitalization of nearly $ 105 billion market. Even SAP, Daimler, Siemens and – a newcomer – Deutsche Telekom and Allianz are represented in the top 100 Volkswagen, however, is significantly lower price no longer taken following a scandal exhaust.

Among the main losers in the recent market rankings include Chinese companies, where securities markets have been significantly reduced during the second half of the 2015th Also slid various oil companies, which creates the low price of crude oil .