Audacity Free Download 2016


Audacity Free Download 2016

Wonderful studio for your Windows computer. The long development period one notices in the program is very positive, there is hardly a more mature audio editor and recorder for free “download Audacity 2016”.

“Audacity 2016” is a free sound studio to record, edit and play audio files.

Audacity Free Download 2016 is a free audio editor, with the most popular audio formats copes (MP3, Ogg / Vorbis, WAV, MIDI, AIFF). You can mix music pieces, add sound effects, convert audio files or change the playback speed.

The recording function makes it possible to capture all of the audio signals and save it on your hard disk. “Audacity Free” Download 2016 – And with the included noise and noise filter possible disturbances can be filtered quickly. Effects such as Delay and Compressor are already enhanced with onboard and can through the VST support also.

About “Audacity Download 2016”

With the free software “Audacity” you mix together multiple audio tracks and record any external audio sources to – as from the Internet or via microphone. Unless permitted by your hardware, cuts “Audacity” even up to 16 tracks simultaneously!


If you have added, for example, radio programs from the Internet, the recording besides music often contains advertising, news, announcements or other unwanted interruptions. With “Audacity” is such passages can be cut out. You can also replace parts of the recording by silent pauses or save it as a separate file. In addition, you can create smooth transitions through fades.

Supported formats: AIFF, ADPCM, AU, IRCAM, MP3, OGG, WAV.

Last changes

The new Version 2.1.2 comes with numerous smaller improvements and bug fixes. Audacity Free Download 2016 – Any changes you refer to in the release notes of the manufacturer.