First details on the next Audi A6: Audi Pulls now BMW and Mercedes over?

The triumvirate of A8, A6 and A7 Audi upper and luxury class wants to shake up. The new Audi A6 will be the model range from mid-2017, the linchpin. FreeDownload20 already reveals what is planned for the high-powered company car classic.

Early 2017 begins a new era for “Audi A6 Prologue”. Old style braids are after the tired appearances of new generations of R8, cut A4 and Q5. Chief designer Marc Lichte will give the brand with the four rings more than just a facelift.

“Quattro is to be seen with us,” says the former Volkswagen man, “the models are to be powerfully and confidently with a distinctive Quattro design on the street.” As the light about two years ago to Audi Go to Amazon for more product information! came, was his first challenge of creating a new Audi A8. Audi A6 Prologue – The previous draft had flunked the group responsible. So shoved Marc Lichte, still working in Wolfsburg, additional layers and created after the new Audi A8 is equal even the upper-class double from A6 and A7 afterwards.

The A6 has no projection

Audi “A6 Prologue” – The design of the new A6 is now sportier, clearer, more elegant and far more than a wheeled single-frame grille with chic interior Go to Amazon for more product information! and pale forms. Clearly identified: the wheel arches. Front and rear: equally flat.
But the signs of success of the upcoming Audi A6 could hardly be to launch mid-2017 more difficult. Mercedes presents its new high end models, the E-Class even before the middle of January 2016 Detroit. And the end of next year, put the Bayern Munich from the unangefochteten class Primus BMW 5 Series New.

The temporal residue of the Audi A6 is therefore considerable. In addition, the strategy department at Audi seems to have inserted a longer lunch break years ago. Because the house top models A8, A6 and A7 coming from early 2017 within half a year new. Unfortunately you can juxtapose its most profitable models hardly.

Audi A6 Prologue Avant 2017 Back
Audi A6 Prologue Avant 2017 Back

Wheel drive models and six-cylinder

Not only visually but also technically there will be correspondingly large similarities with the new Audis. In addition to the new exterior design is available for the A6 at slightly grown dimensions a Abspeckkur around 80 kilograms. To drive Audi plans but to bake no small sandwiches:

  • The front-wheel drive models will park at the edge of the product portfolio.
  • To stand against the main competitor Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series and against Jaguar XF, Volvo S90, Lexus GS and Cadillac CTS, the Ingolstadt want to focus on all-wheel and six-cylinder models.
  • As in A4 and Q7 will therefore give a 218 hp six-cylinder diesel base to attract company car drivers. Another three-liter diesel develops 272 PS and 300. Among rank the two four-cylinder diesel with liter 150 and 190 hp.
  • For the petrol engine portfolio ranges 190-350 hp.
  • There is as usual very powerfully motorized S and RS models with more than 600 hp, eight-speed automatic transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive at a later date. Weaker versions are available either as a six-speed manual or seven-speed Doppelkuppkungsgetriebe.