Avast Free Download 2016


Avast Free Download 2016

With “Avast Free Antivirus (11” or even “Avast Free Antivirus 2016) is a full virus scanner on your computer, which monitors both access to files, as well as the entire mail traffic. From Thank its simple operation, the program is also suitable for beginners.

The new publication “avast Free 2016” is a free virus scanner successfully with many protection functions.

“Avast Download 2016” – The real-time protection includes protection modules that can protect you against infections: electronic monitoring, protection for file sharing tools, scanner and Messenger notification service. For each component, the yield can be adjusted, so that the sensitivity of the scanner.

Avast Free Download 2016 Information

Antivirus software must belong to the mandatory equipment of each PC. The free “Avast Free Antivirus” protects your computer against virus threats, Trojans and spyware. In a real time access to all programs and files, downloads and web pages as well as your email traffic and connected USB hard drives or USB keys are analyzed. Windows Explorer with one click to specifically examine the files and folders for malware.

Of course, you can also just leave the folders and files in the context menu to manually check for viruses. “Avast Free Download 2016” Interestingly likely to be the automatic startup scan, you should use at least once a week.


Avast Free Download 2016 – Continuous updates keep the database updated virus data and the software checks your PC for outdated software and other offers matching the update. The browser integrated cleaning tool to remove annoying tool bars and add-ons for your browser.