Avira AntiVir Free Download 2016


Avira AntiVir Free Download 2016

“AntiVir – Avira Free Antivirus” is already in the free version of a highly recommended anti-virus solution that reliably protects your PC against pests.

Free virus scanner “AntiVir – Avira Free Antivirus” popular in the latest version in 2016 for download.

“Avira AntiVir Free Download 2016” (rather far under the name known AntiVir) Team your computer with efficient protection against viruses and removes unwanted guests quickly and reliably. Users have two security features available: continuously monitors your system while the integrated real-time scanner, conservative contemporaries can access the examiner individual file downloads, complete folders or the entire disk by hand by parasites.

In addition (Avira “AntiVir Free Download 2016”)to viruses, worms and trojans antivirus program known as adware and spyware. The board is also a heuristic detection that can detect previously unknown malware based on typical behavior patterns.


About Avira AntiVir Free Download 2016

Cybercrime is a thriving business in accordance with imaginative spectacle that cybercriminals: Daily Dive new malware that usually has designs on your account and credit card details. Therefore, you must protect your PC against malware, which often infiltrate your computer and ferrets, modify or destroy data. In return, provides for private use “Avira Free Antivirus” (formerly “”Avira AntiVir Free Download” 2016″) to.

In addition to the traditional method with signature updates, the antivirus software uses in addition to cloud technology. Tracks “Avira” Free Antivirus a suspicious file on a digital fingerprint is sent to the cloud where it is compared in real time with more than 200,000 daily analyzed files. If the file is classified as hazardous, a corresponding message is sent to your PC. Avira AntiVir Free Download 2016 – Additional functionality for iPhone, iPad and Android owners: We support the protection functions of free smartphone application “Avira Antivirus Security” and control “Avira Mobile Security” on your PC to locate around to fit your phone is stolen. Of course, the applications also offer protection against the appropriate virus on your smartphone.