Avira Phantom VPN 2019


Avira Phantom VPN
Free Download 2019

The security specialist Avira is now offering a VPN service for Windows and Android. With “Avira Phantom VPN 2019” users to securely and anonymously can go online, even if they use a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

The software sets up an end to end encrypted tunnel between the terminal and the VPN servers of “Avira Phantom VPN Free Download”, where the traffic is passed to the Internet. This is to prevent unauthorized persons read along data.

By using the virtual private network (“VPN”) users may also hide their own IP address, if they do not reveal their location and want to protect themselves from being tracked by third parties. You have the option of selecting from various countries between IP addresses.

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Avira VPN 2019

According to “Avira VPN 2019” can be for example streaming services avail, that are not normally available on its site. However, streaming provider defend strengthened against such attempts to circumvent their Geoblockaden. So Netflix has late February apparently begun to terminate “Phantom VPN” access from Germany. This user can not easily access the US offer. Even Hulu since April 2014 blocks used by VPN service IP addresses, to keep foreign spectators.

Avira Phantom VPN is available in two versions.

With the free basic version can be transmitted through the VPN tunnel without registration per unit 500 MB per month. If you register on the Avira site, receives twice the volume. The paid Pro version comes without volume limitation and with Premium Support.