Betternet Free VPN 2020


Betternet Free VPN 2020

Betternet 2020 is a relatively new VPN It has only been around since 2015. But they have grown rapidly and have taken many users. The alluring attraction of this VPN is the fact that it is completely free.

iOS, Android, Windows and Mac apps, as well as Chrome and Firefox extensions, can be accomplished without any sign-in, with Betternet Free VPN 2020 they do not need to register by name or email. Of course it sounds good that they do not have to pay but also VPN providers need money.

By clicking on the “Install App” or “Watch Video and Connect” button, the app deserves. Apparently it was not enough, as Betternet Free VPN 2020 released a premium version of the mobile app in 2017. This version provides access to selected servers, more site choice, and IP, which includes 11 different servers in 10 countries, as well as 24-hour support. If you want to explore the differences between the two versions, you have 7 days to test them for free.

Betternet Free VPN 2020 wins money through affiliate apps and videos provided through their apps.

Solid privacy and security options

Betternet 2020 VPN protects its users with 256-bit AES encryption over the OpenVPN protocol as well as 128-bit encryption over IPSec. However, nothing is written about 256-bit encryption in the privacy policy.

Other vendors are offering a more extensive protocol option, but OpenVPN is one of the best protection options on the market. Alternatively, they can contact IPSec. So Betternet Free VPN 2020 just can not brag about its security features.

If you are concerned that the government is keeping an eye on Betternet, you may want to know that the company’s headquarters are under Canadian jurisdiction. To understand this is the Betternet VPN 2020 comes from Canada, one of the countries in which most of the information is collected and shared with other members of the Five Eyes Agreement. For some users it is an important fact to know who is watching them.

Betternet 2020 VPN is 100% free. Of course there are some problems, ads appear and they can not unlock all features. But nothing of the defiance is safe for surfing the web.

Free VPN Service by Betternet 2020

Better than that it’s free, Betternet’s no-logging policy makes it probably the most compelling. That is, Betternet Free VPN 2020 does not collect, log, store or share users’ data logs.


This also means that you can not release your IP address if you wish to receive a DMCA deactivation message. Betternet Free VPN 2020 is Tor Browser compatible, but currently no router is supported. Therefore, they only provide access to Windows, Mac, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, and Android users. So too, that smart TVs and game consoles will also be inaccessible.

The support of Betternet Free VPN 2020 is almost exclusively accessible to premium members, because as a normal user they do not receive 24-hour support.