Bitcoin from the banks: The law will come in 2020

Bitcoin from Banks
Bitcoin from the banks: The law will come in 2020

Bitcoin from the banks:
The law will come in 2020

Bitcoin and crypto money will also be legally recognized and sold by banks in the coming year 2020.


It had long since been due for the German banks to be given the legal permission to hold and sell Krypton funds. Because it is gratifying not for the crypto entrepreneurs, but also for the German banks. Thus, it also creates new business opportunities for the banks.

So far, no bank has provided digital money, but the new bill will change in 2020. Actually, countries still have to vote for it to be implemented, but there is no doubt that they will do it anyway. That’s why we look at it as well as implemented.

Cryptocurrency advantage for the banks

Fortunately, it has not come to that, the separation bid is taken. Fortunately, the current bill did not make it difficult for Kryptogel to keep safe.

Actually, it was intended that it would be difficult for banks to keep cryptogliders. Now it is the case that, for example, Bitcoin can be processed or processed in the banks like ordinary securities, ie money. And that’s right, because it will become an additional business in Germany.

Comments on the amendment:

As in all areas, there are several comments on this. One of them by Sven Hildebrandt, head of the consulting company Distributed Ledger Consulting (abbreviated to DLC). He states that it would be a good decision by the German legislator and made the remark of a “crypto heaven” on earth. Also on the subject came a statement from the Association of German banks, this welcomes the new law regulation and brings to word that the German financial institutions have enough experience in the Aufwarts and in risk management, it can be seen that the confidence in the German banks very much is high.

Of course, there is no shortage of critics, the consumer center of Baden-Wuerttemberg say about fears in relation to the banks. Namely, these should not trade fair, but would appeal to new customers “by all means”. Without informing customers about the risks of cryptocurrency.

We will see in 2020 what will actually be the case.