BitPay- Secure Bitcoin Wallet

BitPay - Secure Bitcoin Wallet
BitPay - Secure Bitcoin Wallet

BitPaySecure Bitcoin Wallet-

The free Bitcoin administrator for secure use

What is a BitPay Secure Bitcoin Wallet anyway?

The easiest way to explain a Bitcoin wallet is to use an app to manage your Bitcoin account. In fact, even without a Bitcoin wallet, they could not contain or spend payments, transfers, and generally no Bitcoin.

The BitPay Secure Bitcoin Wallet App is a wallet programmed for Windows and ensures the secure use of your Bitcoin accounts.

It is completely free to download.

Security of the BitPaySecure Bitcoin Wallet

The BitPaySecure Bitcoin Wallet App offers very easy operation for the users, they can also set the different languages ​​that are available. The BitPaySecure Bitcoin Wallet App stands out with the highest security function. The developer of this app made sure that their passwords for their personal Bitcoin accounts are protected by storing them locally. Because with the BitPaySecure Bitcoin Wallet, your passwords are not saved by the cloud as with conventional apps, but instead are stored here in your device.

The user-friendliness of the BitPaySecure Bitcoin Wallet

You can also set and manage your Secure Bitcoin Wallet app in any language, such as German, English, French, Chinese and Spanish. If you download the BitPaySecure Bitcoin Wallet App you will be amazed at the ease of use. An app with many tasks is the easiest to use.

Overview of BitPay Secure Bitcoin Wallet App functions:

  • You get an overview of the Bitcoin balance
  • Overview of the actions that have been carried out on your accounts
  • You can buy and sell protected Bitcoin
  • You will be notified of transactions by email or other means
  • Payments are made with QR code or NFC
  • You get over 100 currency options to pay and transfer money
  • It allows multiple people to share accounts
  • Security within the app for passwords
  • You can manage your BitPay Visa Card
  • You can send your money whenever you want
  • Bitcoin can be converted into dollars
  • It offers 100% open source code
  • You can manage your passwords
  • You can design and adapt the BitPay Wallet App according to your wishes
  • You can name your BitPay wallet