Many dynamics: The Mega Hot BMW M2 is with new Performance Parts Filled

We are fans of the “BMW M2” for many reasons, not least of her bad-ass looks and touch are almost holistic feel that the BMW “M” made the original models so special that day.

bmw m2 m performance
bmw m2 m performance

Nevertheless, it will still add those owners who wish to add a personal touch to their car, either by visual amplifying or more power. For them, the accessories “BMW M Performance” has unveiled a collection of accessories and upgrades of the developed plant designed to Mini Monster Munich.

"BMW M2 Performance"
“BMW M2 Performance”

The list includes aerodynamic bits as new side skirts, rear diffuser and mirror caps fiber reinforced plastic carbon. Although we can not by BMW M2 with M Performance Parts says that optimize aerodynamics to check, we can look at the elements particularly spectacular say the Geneva motor show and Alpine White color and graphics M Motorsport. More pizazz can be controlled by a glossy black grille M Performance.

“BMW M2 – M Performance” …

"BMW M2 M"
“BMW M2 M”

A coilover suspension lowers the vehicle a little more than three quarters of an inch and provides a solid height as a warehouse; The shock absorbers have a total of 16 rebound and 12 compression settings. “BMW M Performance M2” – The braking system uses a combination of endurance racing configurations derived little love brake pads more aggressive M Performance BMW said.

BMW M2 Interiors
BMW M2 Interiors

“BMW M2 with M Performance” – We are also through active M exhaust fascinated performance, which can be controlled via a Bluetooth connection to enable Sport or Track mode owners to choose. (You may remember, we love a customizable system of Roush back a little. Hidden) quiet with a logo and 3.1-inch exhaust tips embossed part of the agreement, although oversize carbon fiber 3.7 inch paver can also be specified.