Candy Crush Saga


Candy Crush Saga

An Android game that has grabbed small and big has been on the market for many years and comes to light with more and more improvements and expansions. The match 3 game is extremely popular and colorful. Candy Crush Saga is a free game and is available for Android devices.

The game surface of Candy Crush Saga

Throughout the game they will be in the face of a friendly interface. It is a fairyland of sweets in which they play. Candy Crush Saga contains very colorful content and nice graphics. The colorful surface of the game draws you in and you will be captivated by the game.
During the Candy Crush Saga game short films are shown between the levels, these are fun to watch but can be dubbed.

The goal of the game

The goal of the story of Candy Crush Saga is to bring the main characters in the game together, Mister Toffee and his cute daughter Tiffi Toffee.

In Candy Crush Saga you have to combine at least three candies of the same color and shape. You can do this by moving the candies and lining them up vertically or horizontally in a row. If there are at least 3 of them in a row, they burst and then disappear. However, if you line up 4 or 5 candies in a row, you get a super candy. The super candy serves as a bonus. By combining this candy with another, all candies that match the candy that has been combined disappear.

Candy Crush Saga has levels of difficulty that increase with each level. The game contains 5000 levels. There are also bonus levels on certain days of the week, which earn you bonus points.

Candy Crush Saga hides different tasks in the levels. The tasks mostly consist of the same principle with only more obstacles.

For example, you have to solve the level for a level with a number of moves. If you can’t do it you have to start the level again.

Candy crush life

In the game you get 5 lives at the beginning, you lose them with every level you lose. When they run out of life, they are not allowed to continue playing and have to wait for a while for their lives to become charged. But they don’t have to wait and have the opportunity to buy life. You can also buy levels more easily, these are worth a few euros and can be preferred for difficult levels.


Facebook friends

At Candy Crush Saga you can get friends from other Facebook friends who play the game as well, get life or bonus moves and give them yourself to other friends.