Canon EOS 80D Features and Functions


Canon EOS 80D

The sensor

An improved sensor for better pictures is the motto of the Canon EOS 80D. With a resolution of 24 megapixels, it seems that the Canon EOS 80D does not deliver much, but Canon has improved the picture quality. These include ISO settings, which by default have reached ISO 16,000. The HI mode even allows ISO 51.200. More should not challenge them because after ISO 1600 lose the pictures to sharpness.

The autofocus

Compared to the predecessor model EOS 80D has provided 45 measuring fields and that means that they get a much larger image coverage. Therefore, even moving subjects can now be taken quite well. To achieve a consistent sharpness with the Canon EOS 80D, it is enough to focus once. During continuous shooting, the Canon EOS 80D works just as precisely and quickly. EOS 80D produces the sharpness under daylight in just 0.20 seconds. As usual, she needs a bit more time with the dusky lights, but 0.25 seconds are fine.

The viewfinder and the display of the Canon EOS 80D

With the Canon EOS 80D, it is enough to take a look at the very large viewfinder to see what you have achieved during photography.

However, if you want to see your picture on the Canon EOS 80D display, you may also like to look at the screen. With the new Canon EOS 80D, a feature-rich touch display has been incorporated.


On the Canon EOS 80D display, it allows you to perform menu settings as well as specify the measuring point of the autofocus. Apart from that, the EOS 80D uses dual-pixel technology to focus the images. This works under the LiveView condition. The autofocus works noticeably faster, which means that it can compete with moving subjects.

New lens

The manufacturer has used a new kit lens on the Canon EOS 80D, the EF-S 18-135mm 1: 3.5-5.6 IS USM. The speed of focusing and focusing is driven by this Nano USM.

Video footage with the Canon EOS 80D

A 4K function was unfortunately not considered in the Canon EOS 80D, so they can only realize in Full HD mode with 1920×1080 pixel recordings. The limit pictures here is at 60 frames per second. Instead, the manufacturer has put a second file format option too. So you can shoot videos with the Canon EOS 80D in standard MP4 format or as an MOV file. The drawback with the MOV file is that you can only use up to 30 frames per second with frame saving. But apart from that makes the new Canon EOS 80D sharp and detailed videos.

Type: Camera:
Canon EOS 80D
Modell: EOS 80D
Wireless: Built-in
Aspect Ratio: 3:2
Display: 3 Zoll LCD (1.040.000)
Camera Format: Full-Frame
Focus Type: Auto and Manuel Focus
ISO: Auto 100-25.600
Video lengh: max. 29 min. 59.s
Dust resistance: Yes
Shutter Speed: 1/8000 sec
Sensor type: CMOS 22,3 x 14,9 mm
Image File Formats: RAW,DPOF, JPEG, DCF 2.0, EXIF 2.31
Prozessor: DIGIC 6
Effective pixels: 24,2 MP
Weight: 730g
max. Image/s: 7
Colour: black
Dimensions: 139 x 105,2 x 78,5mm