CPU-Z 2016


CPU-Z 2016

“CPU-Z 2016″shows extensive information on to the processor, cache, motherboard and RAM.

Anyone who wants to tune his system or simply only interested stuck which hardware components accurately in his computer, which should resort to this freeware tool.

arranged in clearly registers, “CPU-Z” together hard facts about the processor, cache, motherboard and memory. Who knows the Assoziativitätsgrad of L1 and L2 cache or the manufacturer’s designation of the RAM modules – the little progam gives it away.

“Download CPU-Z 2016” – With some additional tools important data can be exported as text or HTML file: Approximately a list of data to memory timing or a table of motherboard components including the associated register assignments.


Information about CPU-Z

With “CPU-Z” you can obtain extensive information about your PC. The tool lists all the details about the hardware, for example, processor, motherboard, graphics card or main memory. After a brief analysis of the system you will find the desired information for components in different tabs sorted.