Dell 545-BBBF VR118 Visor – Features and Specifications


Dell 545-BBBF VR118 Visor

This tracking system is currently one of the best VR eyewear available. It is one of the first VR glasses under the name Mixed Reality. You can safely choose other cheap VR glasses, because the Dell 545-BBBF VR118 Visor has everything you need for virtual gaming. With the exception of a few minor bugs on the Dell Visor, they’ll make a great in-game experience.

Dell Visor features and specification

With a weight of 0.6 kg, the Dell 545-BBBF VR118 Visor is a good portable device and does not feel heavy.

The Dell 545-BBBF VR118 Visor offers a resolution of 1440 x 1440 pixels per eye and 90 Hz LCD for best quality. When wearing the VR they will have a field of view of 110 degrees. That’s a pretty good value compared to other VR glasses that are more expensive.

The head strap of the Dell 545-BBBF VR118 Visor is quite comfortable and fits tight. It makes sure that she carries the weight of 6 grams on her head and her face does not feel it. The only inconvenient thing about the Dell 545-BBBF VR118 Visor is the too short cable. The USB and HDMI cable of the Dell Visor has a length of 3 meters. As usual, the headset is equipped with a volume rocker that allows you to easily set the desired volume. Also on the headset are 2 inside-out tracking system cameras.


Because with the Dell 545-BBBF VR118 Visor they do not have to, they can in this case simply and quickly fold up their display.

A disadvantage of the Dell 545-BBBF VR118 Visor is that they can not set the eye relief, unfortunately, because the manufacturer did not allow this setting.

It should also be mentioned that no Bluetooth adapter is included in the scope of delivery. You will need to purchase it separately because you need a connection to the PC to use the controller.

Setting up Windows Mixed Reality

First, you need to upgrade your PC to “Windows Feature Update 1709” to work with the Dell Visor. Note that this update will make several changes to your PC. By the way, they will also need a lot of space, so they should empty their memory beforehand. To begin with, they will come through an introductory sequence that will bring you into the Windows Mixed Reality environment.

With the Dell 545-BBBF VR118 Visor you will not have much room for maneuver, so in order to create more freedom of movement you should set your PC accordingly in advance.

Type: VR-Headset:
Dell 545-BBBF VR118 Visor
Model: Dell 545-BBBF VR118 Visor
Produced by: Dell
Power source: USB bus powered
weight: 590 g
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB
Panel: 2 x 2.98 LCD
Resolution: 2880 x 1440 Pixel
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Sensors: Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyrosensor
Refresh Rate: 90 Hz
Lens type: Fresnel
Field of view: 110 degress
Battery: 4 AA
Connector: HDMI