DirectX 11


DirectX 11

DirectX 11 is the new programming interface from Microsoft. The new software from Microsoft is designed to ensure the hassle-free gaming experience. DirectX11 is Windows Vista compatible and free to download. On the whole, DirectX11 offers more gaming performance thanks to the many new functions.

The enhanced version of DirectX 11 offers players better performance. DirectX 11 has improved optics and performance. The performance improvement has DirectX11 to thank the multi-core processor.

Some of the improvements in DirectX11 are


DirectX 11 multi-threading function

Unlike the older versions, DirectX 11 is not only programmed to prevent crashes. With the latest multi-threading function from DirectX11, the software is now able to use multiple CPU cores. There are also several program threads that can be programmed automatically.

According to the manufacturer, DirectX11 offers up to 50% more performance thanks to the new function. The best thing is that the new function does not require a new graphics card. With multi-threading, textures can now be edited from multiple threads.

DirectX 11 tessellation function

The use of this function in games for the creation of complex graphics is the first time with DirectX 11. The function is also visually recognizable, making this improvement much more noticeable than the others. The players immediately recognize how high the resolution of small details is in games. The tessellation is just as important for the manufacturers because this function reduces the amount of data that is transferred to the graphics card.

The Order Independent Transparency function

This function was used with DirectX11 in order to be able to correctly arrange the correct order of transparent structures in games that lie on top of each other. So far this has not worked because the graphics card could not determine how they are lined up with several such superimposed structures. However, this will no longer be a problem with the Order Independent Transparency function in the future.

Post-processing function

The precalculations in DirectX 11 ensure that the blurring of the field of vision is removed. In games like Colin McRae: Dirt 2, this feature is made very clear.


Contact Hardened Shadows in DirectX 11

The representation of the shadows in games has so far not been able to be realized in accordance with reality. That may not seem so important, but this tiny detail was taken into account in DirectX 11 and made a reality. The realistic representation of shadows is called Contact Hardened Shadows and was implemented by the manufacturers in DirectX 11.