DOOM Eternal 2020


DOOM Eternal 2020 – Preview

Watch out! The new DOOM was promised on November 22, 2020.

The new demo for DOOM Eternal has already been shown at E3 and QuakeCon.

DOOM Eternal, should be available for the consoles PS4, Xbox One, PC and even Nintendo Switch.

The DOOM Eternal 2020 begins with the shooting of the BFG 10,000 in the sky. In the process, a penetrating voice gives an indication that the weapon is active.

With the new part of the DOOM Eternal game, they will continue to be Doom Slayer in 2020, and you can enjoy infernal shooting, hitting, flame throwers, grenades, chainsaws, and more.


DOOM Eternal 2020 is about charging the health, armor, and ammo panels shown on their map by simply attacking a demon and killing it in the most dramatic manner.

DOOM ETERNA 2020 The game

New in DOOM ETERNAL is the ability to roast demons. They can do that by dropping pieces of armor and using their flamethrower over their shoulders. This is called “Flame Belch”.

Another change is that Glory Kills now has a secondary purpose. This new purpose is designed to help them refill their blood pressure readings. It becomes active during a melee attack, releasing the explosive energy wave with a landed strike. As you can imagine, violence is the solution here as well.

The fighting style in the game remained the same in the gauze, but now the movements have been accelerated in the new DOOM ETERNAL, their character can move faster than its predecessor. In addition, they worked on the double jump, which allows them to jump forward a few meters, either in the air or on the ground. During their jump, they can also hold on to posts to swing from those on walls.

Other renewals in the DOOM ETERNA 2020 are the weapons, like the meat hook, with this they will be able to draw their enemies to shoot them up close.

In DOOM ETERNAL 2020 they will be able to recognize most of their enemies, only the Baron of Hell is now equipped with a pair of flaming swords.

With the 1-Ups feature, they will not have to land at the last checkpoint when they die. This function, which is distributed on any level, allows you to resurrect when fully active.

DOOM ETERNAL now includes so many new mechanics that they are distracted from the actual fight.

So far, trailers are showing battles over a devastated earth. Including a trip to heaven.

We hope it exceeds our expectations.