Driver Booster Download 2020


Driver Booster Free Download 2020

Driver Booster 2020 is a free driver update program for Windows. The program regularly scans your device for obsolete drivers and brings them up to date with one click. Batch downloads allow you to simultaneously download multiple device driver updates.

Big driver database

That they have suffered from poor resolutions or poor sound quality on your PC until now becomes Driver Booster 2020’s story. Your obsolete graphics cards and missing sound cards are instantly updated and replaced, bringing their device to peak performance. To supplement this performance with more than 3,000,000 device drivers and game components, you need Driver Booster 7 for optimal PC performance.


Fast update

Every time you need to add a new driver to the database you do not have to update manually, the Booster 2020 does it automatically for you.

Download Driver Booster 2020 Under “Driver Details” you can detail information such as the version number, size and release date of each driver. If desired, the Driver Booster 2020 list of outdated drivers can be exported and saved to a TXT file, including the device name, class, manufacturer, current and available version, hardware ID, and compatible ID.

The list of drivers found by the Driver Booster Download 2020 are recorded by the severity of the update so that they are easily and quickly informed without having to search. You can set your computer to automatically restart or shut down after the installation is complete.

The number of the last scan with Driver Booster 2020 is displayed as a reminder on the main screen to maintain the overview.

Tools is a section of Driver Booster 2020 that includes features for troubleshooting audio errors, correcting network dependent errors, unlinking data, and more. Another section is that of “System Information”, which displays details about the computer and the operating system.

Driver Booster 2020

If you are looking for a user-friendly driver updater, Driver Booster will not disappoint. During our tests there were no download errors step by step we tested Driver Booster 2020, also installations did not show any problems like BSOD errors or blocked hardware.

Driver Booster 2020 will only work properly if you have an active internet connection. Do not let it change because it looks like it is scanning if there is no Internet connection.


Since there is also a professional version of Driver Booster Download available, unfortunately some features are limited in the free version, we driver updates that are extended or secure there is not automatically realized here.