Far Cry Primal 2016


Far Cry Primal 2016


Far Cry Primal – release date, price and more to Stone Age offshoot

The developer Ubisoft Montreal has announced the first-person action “Far Cry Primal”. Instead of a low-budget Spinoff is a full-fledged part of the series, playing to 10,000 BC.

After yesterday’s Leak Ubisoft has officially announced the first-person action game “Far Cry” Primal. First images and two trailers can be found below the news.

Far Cry Primal is not a low-budget brand Spinoff of Blood Dragon but a full Far Cry at the price of 60 euros. The action game plays 10,000 BC and on the North American continent in the fictional region Oros.

“Far Cry Primal 2016”

Players take on the character of Takkar, an experienced hunter and the last survivor of his tribal group. Players must compete against different wild animals and produce from hunted animals new items. Even the conflict with other human strains is discussed.

Laying Typical Far-Cry-elements such outposts, major fires and character upgrades will return. Unconfirmed but likely also the taming saber tooth cats as combative companion.
Developed the game by Ubisoft Montreal as the main studio. Kiev, Shanghai Toronto support Montreal with legwork.
Far Cry Primal to appear for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 already on February 23 2016th In March, the PC version to follow.