FlashGet 2020 Potable


FlashGet 2020

The quick way to download files

FlashGet 2020 is a portable download manager that divides the data that is being downloaded into several parts and then downloads it.

This optimizes file download speeds and achieves the best possible speeds with FlashGet.

FlashGet 2020 also has the advantage of not overloading the PC and works reliably. FlashGet breaks up the files, but these parts are not downloaded one after the other, but downloaded at the same time.

Installation of Download Manager FlashGet 2020

You don’t need to install FlashGet. One of its best features is that it works without installing it. This is done by using FlashGet 2020 with a USB stick.

How it works!

FlashGet Portable is able to download files from websites, FTP servers and BT computers. The Download Manager can automatically download files automatically. The download of files by FlashGet 2020 on your own PC works perfectly.


If the internet goes down while downloading any file, the process will not restart. FlashGet Portable protects the file until the connection is restored and continues from where the connection was lost. So no files and time are lost.

Additional functions of FlashGet 2020 Data Manager

The Data Manager FlashGet 2020 also contains other very useful functions and capabilities. One of them is that FlashGet Portable scans files for viruses and other threats as they download. FlashGet realizes this function by creating a connection to your pre-installed antivirus program and using it to scan the data for dangers.

This function is one of the features that make the Data Manager special. This saves you time and saves you having to check for dangers after downloading the files.


Apart from that, the files downloaded using FlashGet 2020 are immediately saved in folders by the data manager. You can enter the specific folders and categories in which you would like to save your data beforehand and leave the rest to the Data Manager.

As a result, your data remains clear and easy to find without having to organize it afterwards.

Not to forget the search function offered by FlashGet 2020 Portable. This function should make it easier for users to find software, films, music and other download files directly from the web.