Google Chrome Free Download 2016


The best browser made by Google

Google Chrome is Google’s web browser. With version can be simple, practical and above all applications and web games open quickly. The free browser is the most important alternative for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

More than just a browser

Chrome is a fast browser with which you can navigate to a website. Here Chrome supports all current technologies and standards such as HTML 5 or Flash. In addition, the browser performs even complex Web applications like Angry Birds or Chrome Remote Desktop.

Private and synchronized navigation

In conjunction with a Google account to sync Chrome is capable of browsing data and bookmarks between multiple computers and devices. This is especially convenient for users of Chrome for Android or iOS. Chrome in incognito does not store data like cookies or images on your hard drive and is particularly interesting for lovers of privacy.

Complete alignment

Chrome provides support for multiple users, can be used with different people on a Chrome computer. Thus, the personal settings for each are available.


Google Chrome Finally, you can also customize with extensions and themes and improve. Of which there are thousands, so there is something for every taste and need something. Themes can also easily create yourself.

Ease Revolutionary

Google Chrome is easy to use. You can call the two Web addresses also search Google from the address bar. Once you enter words, Google Chrome then made suggestions of their own browsing history, favorite Web pages, or applications installed. Another convenient feature is the initial page, from which you quickly get to the most popular pages, preferred or recently closed tabs Web applications.

Google Chrome configuration options are finally summarized on a single page on which you can easily make all possible modifications. Significantly more comfortable so that classical window full of runners, which is famous for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Even the removal of all navigation data is extremely simple. See In the easy adjustment parameters and settings of the Advanced Selection panel. There click on the Delete button browser data and enter the dates required type of data. Incognito mode is activated by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N.

Exceptional performance and compatibility

In terms of speed Google Chrome leaves no wish unfulfilled. In addition, the browser supports all Web standards such as HTML5 and Flash. PDF files can be loaded with its own viewer.

Particular attention in terms of safety

Surfing the Internet security is alpha and omega: Google Chrome pages filtered by viruses, so that the user does not open these. It also invites all riders separately, so you should only one side will be more stable, not equal must close all browsers.

Conclusion: Currently the best browser

More and more people are using Google Chrome as your default browser. Its attractive design, high speed and capacity of individual adaptation it a worthy competitor for leadership are. The best alternatives? Opera and Firefox can take Chorme.

Recent changes

  • Chrome displays noise causing Tab
  • Incognito mode with better application malware guard
  • Chrome for Windows 8 with a new surface
  • For Beta: Monitors Does surfing for families
  • Voice Recognition for Web applications
  • Notification feature for Google services


Notification feature for Google services
Incognito mode with better application malware guard
Chrome displays noise causing Tab
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