Google Pixel 4 Feature Display and Camera Properties

Google Pixel 4 Feature Display and Camera Properties
Google Pixel 4 Feature Display and Camera Properties

Google Pixel 4

In October at the event “Made by Google” in 2019, the new flagship came out. The Pixel 4 is now available for $ 799 on the 64GB and $ 899 on the 128GB. It’s available in 3 colors, Just Black, Clearly White and the new Oh So Orange.

The colors Clearly White and Oh So Orange have a matte view while Just Black has a shiny view.

Functional properties

Google Pixel 4 now has two of the latest features, Motion Sense and Face Unlock. Motion sensing technology is used to detect nearby gestures. So this allows them to skip songs, turn off their alarms, and mute calls with just a flick of the wrist. With the enhanced Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock you’ll be able to unlock faster because it’s already turned on while you’re picking up the phone.


Not to forget the 6 GB RAM.

As storage options they have 64 GB and 128 GB, which are not expandable. But you should know that the Oh So Orange version of the Pixel 4 is only available with 64 GB of internal memory. Of course, the Pixel 4 is dual SIM capable, with only one SİM active.

One of the key new features of the Google Pixel 4 flagship is the adaptation of a second lens.

One change on the front is the notch, which was replaced with a bezel this year. The Google Pixel 4 integrates the individual selfie cameras, face unlock and radar sensors, and the earpiece.

The back of the device is now clear of a fingerprint sensor. Also, another change to the back, the square camera array. The new block-shaped camera placement gives the design of Google Pixel 4 a modern look.

Camera features

Google has installed a 16 MP telephoto lens on its latest flagship. This action is to serve a better zoom.

In good lighting conditions, the Google Pixel 4 telephoto lens actually delivers amazingly sharp, zoomed images. The pictures that come out seem natural and real.

Another new feature is the HDR Plus effect. This “live HDR” feature is one of the wonderful features that will take your Google Pixel 4 images to a new level.

Now it comes even better with the second brightness control on the main camera. This brightens the overall brightness of one, the shadows and dark areas of the second exposure. Of course you can manage them yourself as you like.

Not to forget is Night Sight, which should enable an astrophotography mode. The aim is to record up to 15 consecutive long-term exposures of the night sky in a process of up to four minutes.

With Google Pixel 4 they can record 1080p as well as 4K videos.

Battery and charging functions

The 2800 mAh battery of the Pixel 4 is a tiny, for such a smartphone, so the battery unfortunately holds very little. At least the fast charging capacity is gratifying. The fast charging option is achieved through the 18W USB charger. For the first time, Google also supports the Qi standard for wireless charging. With speeds of up to 11W for all compatible chargers.

Gesture control:

The Stop Motion Sense feature is a novel gesture in Google Pixel 4. Thanks to the radar, the smartphone detects immediately when you lift the device and turns on the sensors to unlock the face. This responsive phone allows you to unlock the screen in just seconds. However, this gesture feature is limited to lifting the smartphone from a table. It is said that this gesture only works properly.

One downside to Google Pixel 4 is that if facial unlocking fails, it can not unlock your smartphone with your PIN or pattern. But you should not be afraid because facial recognition always works under normal circumstances. Many people worry about the security of Pixel 4, because Google Pixel 4 unfortunately does not care if your eyes are open or closed. This is a very important point because it basically means that someone could scan their face while they sleep and unlock their cell phone.

Google Pixel 4 display

The rest of the Google Pixel 4 display is about a 19: 9 flexible FHD + OLED with HDR support and Ambient EQ technology. This allows the brightness and color temperature to adapt to the ambient conditions. Where together with the 90Hz refresh rate a vivid display comes to conditions. You could say that this is one of the highlights of Google Pixel 4.

Under hardware changes is also the display, which has reached a refresh rate of 90 Hz to mention, not to forget. It will allow you to surf faster than ever, or navigate between apps. This enhancement is used just right, so the Google Pixel 4 smartphone will only activate for certain content, 90 Hz. The point is to save battery by running the rest of Google Pixel 4 in an intelligent way, in the meantime to 60 Hz. Google has called this property “Smooth Display“.

The result of Google Pixel 4 is good, smooth. Because it makes the flow of animations and graphics appear smoother, making the smartphone feel quicker overall. An imaginative setting is that Google Software will only enable the 90 Hz refresh if either the brightness of the Google Pixel 4 screen is over 75% or the ambient light is very bright. Although it becomes more difficult to detect the transition when the refresh rate is used in low light. You certainly will not be able to notice the difference.

Type: Smartphone:
Google Pixel 4
Modell: Pixel 4
Hersteller: Google
Dimensions: 147,1 x 68,8 x 8,2 mm
Weight: 162 g
Battery: 2.800mAh
Display-Grösse: 5,7 Zoll
Display-Type: OLED
Resolution: 2.280 x 1.080 Pixel
Front Camera: 8 MP
Main Camera: 16 MP + 12,2 MP
OS Plattform: Android 10
GPU: Adreno 640
Protection-Rate: 90 Hz
Chipset: Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon 855
Memory: no slot
Sim Type: Nano-SIM, e-sim
DualSIM: Yes
Bluetooth: 5.0
USB: USB Type-C 3.1