HP Reverb VR features and specifications


HP Reverb VR glasses

The update from HP is the HP Reverb VR glasses.

Features of the HP Reverb

There are two cameras on the headset, these are used for tracking movement and, if necessary, for a pass-through mode, in case they have to set the VR down. With this you will be able to establish contact with reality even without putting down the headset.

On the lower side of the VR, two microphones placed, serve for a voice control. Adjustable headphones are also provided, allowing them to be set up or even removed depending on use. In addition, HP has included a 3.5mm headphone jack in the HP Reverb, which is designed to help you if you want to use your own headphones.

The HP Reverb weighs only 498 g, so you do not have to worry about the extra weight of the cables. Because the HP Reverb has possibly thick and therefore heavy cables.


While the padding inside the headset is an important part of the HP Reverb, it does make you sweat a lot while playing. The pleasing thing is that the padding is removable.

The pupillary distance at the reverb has no IPD adjustment. It can only be adjusted by software IPD.

Unfortunately, the controllers of the HP Reverb are a bit uncomfortable. The shape of the handle parts are built mostly angular. That makes the operation too laborious.

The display of the HP VR

The HP Reverb’s display has a resolution of 2,160 x 2,160 pixels per eye. That could be the VR with the best resolution. Because of the dissolution rate, HP Reverb is much superior to its relatives. Add to that the refresh rate of 90 Hz for the ultimate experience. HP has also increased its field of view, which is now 114 degrees.

HP Reverb Windows Mixed Reality

The VR is supported by Windows Mixed Reality and SteamVR. Windows Mixed Reality can be easily set up. The controllers are also easily connected to the PC.

The HP Reverb System allows for a 5 x 5 meter room configuration. So setting up a room to play with the headset will be pretty easy. HP also contributes, with the omission of additional sensors to follow.

Type: VR-Headset:
HP Reverb
Model: Reverb
Dimensions: 55 x 177 x 84mm
Weight: 498g
Screen: Dual LCD 2.89 Zoll
Resolution: 2.160 x 2.160 Pixel per eye
Software Platform: Windows Mixed Reality
Colour: black
Refresh Rate: 90 Hz
Eye Relief: 63mm
Field of view: 114 degree
Room-scale: 5m x 5m
Tracking: Inside-Out-Tracking/ 2 Cameras
Connections: USB-C 3.0