Incredible interest in the new Tesla Cybertruck

Incredible interest in the new Tesla Cybertruck

Incredible interest in the new Tesla Cybertruck

Hard to believe, but 48 hours after publication, the supplier has received 146,000 pieces of pre-orders.

Around 40% of these are in relation to the most expensive model.

Although the cybertruck manufacturer Elon Musk suffered from glitches during the presentation of his trend-setting pick-up truck Cybertruck, there was such an interest in the part. The reactions to the angular design of the Cybertrucks were not very convincing. But despite everything, it came as a surprise to a reservation number of 146,000 Tesla trucks. Incidentally, it did not take long before it came to this, the number was reached within 2 days.

To become a cybertruck owner, you can apply for it on Tesla’s official website. On the website you will be introduced 3 models. You have the choice between the single-engine rear-wheel drive, the twin-engine all-wheel drive and the triple four-wheel drive. The prices therefore vary between 36,000 and 63,000 euros (excluding the included taxes). The most expensive Tesla model is expected to make it from zero to 100 kilometers per hour within 2.9 seconds. With a partial down payment in advance you can become one of the buyers.


According to the calculations, Tesla is said to have achieved a total of approximately 15 million US dollars. Elon Musk gave more details on the reservations to Cybertruck. According to this information, 41 percent (180,000) of the reservation for the triple all-wheel drive and thus the most expensive of the models result. Of these, 42 percent opted for twin-engine all-wheel drive and 17 percent for the single-engine model.

At the moment, the Tesla Cybertruck seems to be a record moderate success, but that will only become apparent after 2022. Theoretically, the reservations must first be completed for a true success story. Elon Musk also stated that the production of the trucks must be maintained by the end of 2022. That makes a long wait for the interested parties. Maybe it’s a good thing that is waiting, because the Cybertruck still has to be improved. In particular, the glass pane of the Cybertrucks is on the list because it broke during the presentation and that, although it is supposedly made of bulletproof glass.

Elon Musk wants to produce a solar option for Tesla Cybertruck

In a Tweet published by Elon Musk it says that they are still working on further plans for the extension of the Tesla Cybertrucks. And although the Cybertruck is to offer a solar option, this is to serve for increasing the range of the truck. Almost 50 to 65 kilometers more are planned for coverage.