Internet Download Manager 2020 (IDM)


Internet Download Manager 2020 (IDM)

The program is software that downloads and manages data from the Internet. The Internet Download Manager 2020 is easy to use and does not contain any complicated tools. The peculiarity of this software is that it works very quickly.

The functions of the Internet Download Manager 2020

It enables ordinary operations when downloading from the Internet to be carried out more easily. This is related to the fact that the tool is programmed on the Internet. With the Internet Download Manager you can download the desired downloads automatically. By entering a schedule, you can ensure that the program automatically downloads the desired files for you.


In cases where the connection is broken and the downloading process is interrupted, the process does not have to be repeated from the beginning. In the meantime, the Internet Download Manager 2020 saves the part of the file that has already been downloaded and continues with the download from where it was canceled. However, you can also determine when this download should be completed, because the program also records broken files.

The Internet Download Manager 2020 has the function of overcoming firewalls. Therefore, one could argue that it can do the loading in all circumstances.

Internet Download Manager 2020 installation

You can download and install the Internet Download Manager 2020 with all servers. The program was created so that it supports all possible servers. In addition, the Internet Download Manager is able to be integrated into the browser. That means it works in the background of the browser as an extension to manage the downloads. Apart from that, the program can also be opened as an additional or new window after the installation process.

The Internet Download Manager 2020 user interface

When starting the program, you will see that a fairly clear user interface has been designed. It is easy to use and users do not have to struggle to understand the tools. The program is simple and divided into simple sections.


On the Internet Download Manager 2020 homepage there is a button that says New URL, with which you can start a new download by entering a URL.

You will also be able to recognize toolbars with buttons for all processes. The operation is very simple and everyone succeeds.