Internet Explorer Download 2019

Internet Explorer Download 2019
Internet Explorer Download 2019

Internet Explorer Free Download 2019

Users of Windows 7 with a 32-bit system can download the Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) for free.

The “Internet Explorer 2019” can be downloaded 10 and the classic desktop in Windows and are now used. Especially when it comes to speed, the browser has improved: It is not only a better JavaScript SunSpider Benchmark his predecessor cut, but also all other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

More optimal values, it is not enough: what V8, Kraken or Peacekeeper- reference – always here Chrome has the edge. However, “Internet Explorer Download” 11 works in most significantly faster than its predecessor disciplines. Windows 8.1, “Internet Explorer 2019” is already installed and comes as a version of the application.


Just when you thought that you do not have a different version of “Internet Explorer 2019” on this side of the next ice age, Microsoft meets the world with a completely new version of its almighty browsing app.

Now Internet Explorer 2019 Much Better

It is so long in the making, that many web users have got to wait for Microsoft tired to upgrade it to its technology and looked elsewhere – especially in the direction of Firefox.

Now the big, evil King of the browser world is not seen in the mood of his crown wrestled away, but it may not be enough to win back his deserters?

For starters, the new streamlined interface is an improvement in any case.

Microsoft “IE 2019” has stripped the menu bar at bottom and all the tools and features hidden within a range of compact symbols placed subtly on the top right of the interface.

“IE Download” Overview

It allows you to view pages in a very large viewing space. “IE Download” has also decided to finally support tabbed browsing. It includes a “New Tab” button for immediate opening and a sophisticated “Quick Tabs” button, the thumbnails of all open tabs in a screen up thumbnail will open and, unlike Firefox, IE 7 actually has a close button on each tab.

You can also save groups of tabs as your home page so they all start with the start-up. We also appreciate the print preview tool that fits the page to your paper size.