IObit Malware Fighter 2020


IObit Malware Fighter 2020

IObit Malware Fighter Free Download 2020 is a free antivirus program. However, it does not provide proper protection, and it can not be described as very user-friendly.

The first impression seems like it is an effective antivirus program. Unfortunately, we found during our test that it offers almost no support and minimal protection.

IObit Malware Fighter 2020 includes only basic antivirus protection, manual verification and online protection. For the free malware version, system scans must be started manually, while the upgrade version allows for custom scans and automatic scan scheduling. With the paid version, Phishing Protection, which is called the “Network Guard”, is offered. Here, too, the same functions are advertised but not used clearly. Threats are detected and malware 2020 is protected when new files are launched. With system memory protection, however, slowdowns occur, but it works quite well as memory protection. The most comprehensive feature of Download IObit Malware Fighter 6 is the browser protection, which provides download and adware protection as well as protection against potentially damaging plugins and toolbars. There is also the DNS function, with which you can specify which DNS should be used by default. The Action Center option requires an additional download to use the feature.

The ease of use of the IObit Malware Fighter 6 is pretty straightforward.

This antivirus program is only 47.9 MB to download and installation is quick and easy. The scan settings are simple given that they need to be done manually. On the left side of a pop-up screen is a menu. IObit Malware Fighter 2020 on the right side of the screen displays the checkboxes associated with each option. It is anything but hard to control and uncomplicated.

User Interface IObit Malware Fighter 2020

The user interface is simple and concise with the captions under the associated icons. At the bottom of the interface are the Pause and Stop buttons, in case you need to pause them. IObit Malware Fighter 2020 – everything runs smoothly until the scan is complete, but at that time we were told during our tests, in a row, that no dangers were found. However, in a parallel line, interestingly, the state of our system in a color bar was displayed along with the benefits of upgrading which highlights the paid version. We understand the fact that they have to make money, but that’s really overkill.


IObit Malware Fighter 2020 – Also getting annoying is that they are constantly trying to change their default settings, including their default search engine. An attempt was made to change our and homepage to Bing and although we rejected it, it happened anyway. After that we had to manually reset our search engine and homepage. So with this program, as you can see, there is no user-friendliness.