iPhone 11 Pro – Specs and Features

iphone 11 Pro
iphone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro is Apple’s latest iPhone, so the question arises as to what has improved in this part. Apple manufacturers have put a lot of effort into equipping the triple rear camera with 12 megapixel lenses. The normal shots, telephoto shots and ultra-wide perspectives enable camera.

The “Night Mode” feature fixes the biggest complaint iPhone users have had for several years, stating that their photos look bad in places that are not well lit, such as bars and restaurants, while those of their Android friends look better. That was a shame. Users will now be delighted to hear that the iPhone 11 Pro has the best low-light camera compared to all other smartphones. Apple installs a feature that automatically brightens so that the Samsung, Huawei and Google user interfaces are at the top.
The almost too large rear view cameras offer IPhone 11 Pro users the best appearance and the best harmony, but we have made the biggest difference compared to last year with the technically smaller 12 megapixel front camera. Now it is shooting in 4K and recording slo-mo videos. So much of the iPhone 11 Pro is different around the camera, but there’s a little more. the battery life is significantly better than that of the iPhone XS – we checked this with a test and came up with a result that would surely make every smartphone user happy. The new iPhone 11 Pro has put more than 24 hours behind it with heavy use. The back looks better because it has been made matt and feels less slippery than the previous model. In any case, you should apply a case immediately after purchase, even if it doesn’t look that great anymore.
iPhone 11 Pro is the most modern smartphone available on the market. Besides, it is also ergonomic, with its 5.8 inch display, an ideal size for hanging use. It also feels a lot smaller and more comfortable than the 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max and 6.1-inch iPhone 11. However, don’t be fooled by its size. It has no difference compared to the previous iPhones on the front, so it seems difficult to justify the price. However, if you value better photos and videos from a new iPhone, this is the case and that’s more important given a new look or 5G technology, at least for 2019.

Versatile camera function with three lenses

 iPhone 11 Pro camera test – We will give a lot of information about the four cameras.
The Trifecta of the rear view camera offers a wide, optically twice enlarged and all-encompassing field of view with ultra-wide-angle perspectives. It has recently been a premiere for the iPhone, we were able to take a closer look at Apple CEO Tim Cook and the first iPhone 11 customer in the 5th Avenue Store, which reopened in New York City, with the telephoto lens. So get started right away to pick up the festive crowd all around. We took three very different photos without moving. during that time, our mirrorless camera was in our backpack all day long to get the same shots, along with three different bulky lenses that had to be laboriously replaced manually. The best cameras these days are the ones that do not have to be replaced lenses by hand. So which has like the iPhone 11 Pro. It turned out that details were not lost in pictures, under bright light as well as in shadows. The same applies to portrait mode. We could see lighter and sharper subjects.

The night mode brightens up

Night mode should be the main reason for you to upgrade to the iPhone 11 series. Especially if you want to take pictures after dark. Night mode is integrated in Apple’s main photo mode, which makes the difference compared to Android rivals.

The automatically adjustable exposure time can normally take between 2 and 5 seconds, depending on how dark the objects you are photographing are. The surprise comes, here the exposure time can be increased to 30 seconds by placing the iPhone on a tripod or on a wall. This mode can be used to make a previously empty night sky with stars visible.
The iPhone 11 Pro night mode is comparable to turning on the lights in the middle of the night. As with everything, this function also has its limits, namely that it can only be used with the main camera and, unfortunately, it cannot record quick reactions.

iPhone 11 Pro front camera and video function

The HDR quality is exceptionally good when you take a photo with the front-facing 12 MP iPhone 11 Pro camera. Both the front and the rear camera, both record 4K videos at 60 frames per second and the time-lapse video is ultimately included on the selfie camera. ‘Slofies’ may not change your life and they are not called that in the user interface, but it is still one of the improvements.

In contrast, Apple’s cinematographic video stabilization and audio zoom are important. One ensures that everything runs smoothly while the voices or noises are more distant, the other ensures that subjects are improved when zooming and not the constraints.

iPhone 11 Pro design

The iPhone 11 Pro will not inspire you with an incredibly different design. It looks almost identical to the iPhone XS and the iPhone X before it.

However, there is a new matt back, which offers a change to the ultra-smooth reflective glass. It’s easier to hold and hide stains too.

Midnight Green is the hot new color in which the iPhone 11 Pro is available this year. If you own them, you may not want to use a protective case because you will not want to hide your new upgrade, so the solution will be a clear case. Other colors available are Space Gray, Silver and Gold, they all look different from the previous iPhones with the same colors due to the matt surface.

iPhone has revised the 11 Pro display to make it appear brighter, the configuration is noticeable when exposed to sunlight.

iOS 13 and performance of the iPhone 11 Pro

The photo editing options are far superior in the 11 pro. With the QuickPath keyboard, you can easily track words without bending a finger. The Reminders app has been updated. The Find My app is a combination of Find My iPhone and Find My Friends. Pretty much everything has gotten better. The 3D Touch Peek-and-Pop printing presses have been replaced by ordinary long printing presses, but you will easily get used to them.

Apple’s A13 Bionic chipset signs surprising advances. This offers a performance like no other smartphone.

iPhone 11 Pro battery

As mentioned before, the battery for the iPhone 11 Pro lasted more than a day in our tests and often spent a day and a half in a row even under heavy use. This can even be extended by activating the energy saving mode of iOS 13.

Apple announced that the iPhone 11 Pro can last up to four hours longer than the iPhone XS. Of course we tested this fact immediately, our result has shown that it is true.
We and others are happy about the scope of delivery of the iPhone 11 Pro, it includes an 18 W charger plus a flash USB for quick charging. We tested it and were pleasantly surprised, our iPhone 11 Pro went from 0% to over 50% in half an hour, while the old 5 W charger took forever to reach this point.

Unfortunately, we are still dealing with slow wireless charging speeds of 7.5 W, but there is still hope for the iPhone 12.