iPhone XR – Specs and Features

iPhone XR
iPhone XR


The new device has been waiting, but you will see why Apple has staggered the launch of this year’s iPhone product line. Apparently, users should get upset about the more expensive models before the iPhone should be available to most fans.

Not that you think now that the iPhone XR would be cheap. At $ 749, it’s still way above most of the flagship Android devices.

Apple iPhone XR test

The good news is that the iPhone XR is almost no different from its larger and more expensive relatives.

The differences are very complex because they are small details. For example, the iPhone XR with 6.1 inches measured diagonally has a slightly larger display than the iPhone Xs, the display used by the XR is different, IPS. The colors also vary, in – black, white, coral, blue and red. The number of cameras on the back of the XR is only 1. That was the big difference compared to the XS.

You should be aware that switching to Android is always more advantageous because you can get more for the same money. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, for example, costs the same as an IPhone XR and includes a dual camera with double zoom and a pen.
In any case, the user has a variety of selection options for the same price.

You will not be able to see other differences with the naked eye. The iPhone XR is equipped with IP67 instead of IP68, which makes it slightly less waterproof than the iPhone XS. In principle, you could also keep the XR under water, but there is a difference. It is also available in memory configurations other than that of the XS. The XS had the options of 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB instead of the XR has 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB storage option. The colors also vary, the iPhone XR is available in blue, red, yellow, orange (coral), white and black. Other tiny differences are a slightly different type of glass used on the back of the smartphone and a battery whose capacity is between the iPhone Xs and the Xs Max. Otherwise, the XR feels just as satisfying as Apple’s other flagships are. The functions are hardly different either. Including the True Depth Face ID camera on the front of the device, there is neither a fingerprint scanner nor a 3.5 mm headphone jack and, as always with Apple smartphones, no memory expansion option. It also lives up to the responsive expectations you would expect from a new iPhone. It is also capable of running any game quickly and efficiently enough.

Fortunately, the improved battery life is fortunately much better equipped compared to last year’s iPhone X with the more efficient 7nm A12 Bionic processor. The lifespan is not exactly fantastic with its 23 hours 30 minutes, with this value the battery of the iPhone XR lies between the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max, from which we also know that with such a battery you can easily withstand the whole day comes.

The biggest difference from the XR is said to be the display called “Liquid Retina” by Apple manufacturers, with which it differs from its peers, but at a lower price. However, do not be fooled by advertisements and names that sound good. It’s just an IPS screen, which doesn’t sound great with rounded corners. The feature between the XR display and the XS display is that the frame surrounding the XR display is thicker.

Although the pixel density of the XR is 132 ppi lower in shape, it works differently than on the other iPhones and the color accuracy also meets the expectations of an Apple iPhone. The differences to the OLED display are slight, the brightness of the IPS display reaches 684cd / m2 and the contrast ratio of 1,736: 1 is incredibly good.
The XR display also supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision content, so your Netflix originals look absolutely appealing. Maybe not as 100 percent colorful as the Xs and Xs Max, but still pretty damn good the iPhone XR.

EVALUATION of the Apple XR camera

The camera is the same as the Xs and Xs Max. So a 12 megapixel object with a lens of 1: 1.8, the property of optical image stabilization and 1.4 pixels. This gives you more light collection functions than the iPhone X from last year.


The iPhone XR is definitely not the best iPhone, nor the best among smartphones, for the same price of $ 749. So think carefully about whether you want to own the best smartphone or the mid-range iPhone XR before buying one.