Is wireless charging really bad for the battery?

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Is wireless charging really bad for the battery?

Is wireless charging really bad for the battery?

Meanwhile, it has become a must, which is offered on smartphones a wireless charging function. Cables are simply no longer accepted today. First, the headphones were designed wireless and then the charger of the smartphone.


Recent studies to follow a drawback to wireless charging has been shown. This kind of charging is designed to overload the smartphone battery and thus endanger the life of the battery. And as is known, the battery can not be replaced anymore, they would have to switch to a new smartphone if it should happen that their battery is damaged.

The reason for this:

Decisive because of the overheating of the battery culpably. According to the results of the investigation, the reason for the overheating is that the heat from both devices is transmitted to each other. The rising heat on the charger generates more energy and the increased energy mass affects the power of the battery.

Tests carried out have revealed that the wireless charging of smartphones is more than 3 degrees warmer than when charging by cable. The overheating not only leads to a shorter battery life, but also responsible for lowering the power of the smartphone is the wireless charging.

But the right application when charging with wireless systems is very important. The researchers reported that if the positioning is misaligned when charging the smartphone on the Wireless Charger, excessive amounts of energy are consumed.

How should the right charging the smartphone done?

With these tips below you will keep your battery life at its best:

  • Charging may only be carried out using the device included in the delivery.
  • Deep discharge of the batteries should be avoided as far as possible.
  • If their battery level is between 65 – 75 percent, they should not resort to charging. Because this is ideal for the battery.
  • Under no circumstances should the smartphone be left plugged in overnight on the charging cable.
  • Apart from that, you can disable the multitasking feature of your device.
  • Most important point: avoid the heat.

New technologies in relation to wireless charging stations

Most of the companies and developers are aware that the current technology is actually insufficient for such use. Therefore, many entrepreneurs are working to develop the best charging stations.