jDownloader 2020 – The Download Manager


jDownloader 2020 – The Download Manager

Appwork’s open source tool is free to download. It is a download manager that helps you save time.

The jDownloader 2020 Manager is a very useful tool because it can manage multiple downloads at the same time. This means you no longer have to download each link individually and then manage it. The jDownloader does the work.

Download Manager Properties

JDownloader 2020 supports a large number of hosters including the best known and most used hosters. YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and Dailymotion are also included. Because jDownloader supports all possible hosters, it has now become a universal downloader. With jDownloader 2020, users can also download content from media libraries, websites and other portals.

The links that you copy are automatically picked up by jDownloader and added to the program. In the manager these are listed on a kind of clipboard. You can later download the list of the accumulated URL at the same time.

JDownloader 2020 enables users to download their content as quickly as possible. Downloading multiple links makes the downloader tool the fastest. This is because up to ten connections can be implemented synchronously. The jDownloader 2020 searches and practically selects which links should be adopted. But you can do it manually as well.

JDownloader is not only a quick manager tool, but also an automated program.


However, you can still stop the process manually during the download or cancel it for a while and continue it later. You can also determine the time of the transmissions by specifying them beforehand.

Install JDownloader 2020

The installation of jDownloader is a bit nerve-wracking. Although it is a time-saving program, installing it is all the more difficult. The reason is that jDownloader 2020 is available in RAR format and hosts on Mega.


When installing Mega tries to prevent users from downloading jDownloader in order to be able to install its own download software.

Apart from that, Mega is also trying to get her to install Avast antivirus software. It is literally not easy to install jDownloader 2020 because they are constantly interrupted. It takes a lot of time and patience to install the program.