KICKSTARTER 2020 offers support for crowdfunding projects


KICKSTARTER offers support for crowdfunding projects

It often happens that crowdfunding campaigns do not achieve their goals. Now comes support from Kickstarter for budget planning.


As you know, there are many platforms for crowdfunding, including the Kickstarter. But so far no help has been offered for budget planning. The Kickstarter is now changing that by providing a new budget planning tool on the platform.

It is a fact that unfortunately not all future entrepreneurs are good at financial analysis. Therefore, it also happens that planned projects with potential can not be implemented. The inventors of the projects usually can not raise the necessary money properly, so there are platforms like the Kickstarter. With the new Kickstarter tool, these problems are to be lifted from the ground up.

How the project budget works:

In principle, the tool is very simple to use. Users just need to enter all their costs from the beginning into a spreadsheet for proper planning. The table is very useful for the survey of all costs. You can find this spreadsheet under the project editor of Kickstarter.

Kickstarter gives insight into budget- planning

You can even view your budget planning table on the page of your Kickstarter project. There could not be more overview. The calculations are not for the benefit of the project owners, but also for the possible supporters of the project. It is more advantageous to apply such a table, because it allows all interested parties in the simplest way to see for yourself what the costs are and decide quickly for support.

Projects for the Project Budget Tool have been applied, should be highlighted with a note. A good place on Kickstarter is as good as that it also increases your chances that your project will be advertised.

First, the application should be made available only for the most used categories “Design & Technology“. Apparently Kickstarter wants to first test how well the tool arrives at the users before it is accessible from all categories.

In addition, crowdfunding is encouraging operators to provide more effective budget advice to prospective and new project creators.