Minecraft Dungeons 2020


Minecraft Dungeons 2020

The game was created by the creator Mojang in collaboration with Unreal Engine 4. The developer Mojang spoke for the first time about Minecraft Dungeons 2020, while the Minecon in 2018. However, it was not until the E3 in 2019, because the gameplay was only then shown. However, the release date is limited to the spring of the coming year. According to unofficial sources, the Minecraft dungeons cost around $ 30.

Compared to the current Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons 2020 is also played in the Sandbox World, which is known to all, and the art style is also 99 percent identical.


Minecraft Dungeons is an isometric action RPG. The storyline is in Minecraft’s own world. The main theme is prey and fight. You could say that it has something of Diablo 3 and other “classic dungeon crawlers” in itself.

In general, explore the surroundings with up to three friends while solving simple puzzles. Furthermore, you will have to fight over and under the earth over several biomes to stay alive. Of course it is also very important to expand or strengthen your character.

In Minecraft Dungeons, the target this time is to defeat the evil Arch Illager. The new story goes through a series of levels. In each level they will have to overcome something specific. Mojang said the focus is on Minecraft Dungeons, the battle and character development.

Minecraft Dungeons 2020 has drop-in and drop-out co-op, which means players can leave or join a session whenever they want. In Minecraft Dungeons all levels were created for themselves. It should be understood that the types of mobs, the order of the dungeons and the position of the prey varies depending on the level and also the difficulty level is adapted to your group size.

However, as there is a slight story, some parts should be made by hand. For example, players in Minecraft dungeons can visit a hub-style area between missions. We can not say that this was not produced procedurally, but maybe, we hope for that. Once you have completed the story mode, additional levels of difficulty will be unlocked. So you will also be able to handle already completed missions. You will notice how difficult it is to master the levels of the Minecraft Dungeon.