Moto G7 Power – Specs and Features


Moto G7 Power

Motorola’s G-Series isn’t a top-of-the-line part, but it doesn’t have the price of an iPhone XS or Pixel 3. Makers of the Moto G7-Series are designed to meet the needs of certain users without robbing people, and therefore they are attractive devices. As the name suggests, the Moto G7 Power is about battery power. If you’re one of those who miss the oldest but longest-lasting cell phones because you didn’t have to charge them for days, you’ll be overwhelmed to hear that the Moto G7 does. It is more of a cell phone for people who do not need a fantastic camera or impressive technical data, but only a cell phone that has endurance. The Moto G7’s computing power and chipset cannot be surpassed. On paper, the 12 megapixel camera is impressive for a cheaper phone. The camera is not as powerful as its G7, G7 Play and G7 Plus relatives. But that’s the compromise for the impressive battery.

Moto G7 Power Design und Display

The 6.2-inch display is quite thick and heavy. The Moto G7 Power is a bulky cell phone with its size of 159.43 mm x 76 mm, its thickness of 9.3 mm and its weight of almost 200 g. These measured values ​​make it look and feel like a chunky old cell phone.

If you have small hands and short fingers, it will be difficult to reach all corners of the screen. If you take the device out of your pocket or want to use it while walking, this will be a bit more cumbersome than you would like it. The plastic back of the device doesn’t feel very stable or protective like the gorilla glass of the G7 and G7 Plus. But simple enough not to be in danger of falling. You do not have to worry about whether it is broken, a protective cover is not absolutely necessary. The Moto G7 Power is still delivered with a thick plastic housing for additional protection. This makes the device bigger, but safety always comes first.
If this is your first time using a Motorola, the placement of the buttons and connectors may be confusing for you.

For example, the volume rocker is located above the on / off switch on the right side of the device, which differs from the standards. Although we’re grateful for the headphone jack, it’s on the top of the device, not the bottom, which is another violation of the convention. The device’s abnormally designed layout for new Motorola users also makes it somewhat confusing to use. A rather unexpected addition, despite the larger screen, is that the fingerprint sensor on the back of the device is in an effortless location.

With many other smartphones, you have to run your fingers around to get to the right place on the sensor. However, the scanner of the G7 Power is perfectly positioned so that the finger is already over the spot when the device is held.

The screen is 6.2 inches in size, but unlike the G7 and G7 Plus, with the same screen size, it only has an almost half-good resolution, but this difference is only noticeable when you take a closer look at the cell phones, and it is not a problem in daily use. There is a wide notch at the top of the display for notifications, but only two can be shown below it. This is annoying for some of the users. However, such a display is completely sufficient in view of the price.

Battery life of the Moto G7 Power- easily lasts for several days- TurboCharging

Moto G7 Power TurboCharging

The Moto G7 Power stands out from the rest of the Moto G7 series with its huge battery. a 5000 mAh battery will be attractive to anyone who wants to charge a lot. Motorola says the battery lasts 60 hours when mixed. In practice, it even took more than three days, from mixed to easy use, including music playback, text messaging and phone calls, as well as surfing on social media, which is hard to imagine. This feature makes this cell phone an excellent option for those who are often on the go and do not have easy access to a charger.

Not surprisingly, when using media-intensive tasks such as video or music playback, the battery of the G7 Power used a 20-minute Netflix show that was controlled via Wi-Fi to consume between 3% and 4% of the total charge

Moto G7 Power

The G7 Power is delivered together with a TurboPower charger with which the device can be charged from 0% to 100% in a maximum of 2 hours.

Camera function Surprising accuracy

The Moto G7 Power delivers natural-looking shots, even in low light conditions.
No 4K video functionb – The Moto G7 Power has a 12 MP resolution and a 1: 2.0 lens. In good light, there is unexpected detail accuracy on pictures of the Moto G7 power camera.

The white balance works quite well overall, under different lighting conditions it usually results in accurate colors, more is not to be expected. The Motorola manufacturer has a somewhat unusual way of dealing with exposure. Instead of increasing the brightness, it made things look a little darker and grainy, which actually made for a more natural shot.

The video recordings of the Moto G7 Power have electronic image stabilization. So that users don’t really feel the lack of OIS. It also works. Inexplicably, the G7 doesn’t support 4K shooting, although the rest of the G7 series does, but other than that, it still takes footage quite well.

So if possible, you should always take pictures in daylight or good lighting conditions. You should also apply this to selfies because there is a problem here too. But in general, the G7 Power’s camera does quite well for the price, especially if you take modes into account when shooting, including a spot color picker, manual full mode, AR stickers, and more.

Wi-Fi connectivity is spirited

A very useful function from the Motorola company is Moto Experiences, which is used to make movements with the device to unlock certain functions. This function is intended to be a relief.

However, unlocking facial recognition doesn’t work all the time, even if it did, the phone is only unlocked and not woken up. There are always some minor problems with every feature, not just the Motorola, with the previous action was that sitting down with the phone in your pocket because it often activated the “do not disturb” mode, which missed calls or text. However, like all other actions, this can also be deactivated.

Moto promotions are not critical to the functioning of the Moto G7 Power. However, they are an important part of the properties for Motorola users, since they are only available for Motorola phones and this special device.

A big problem with the G7 Power Test was that there were often problems connecting a WiFi connection, although you could easily fix this problem with an update, but you should know before you buy. The connection to Wi-Fi lasted much longer than with other devices, not only was there a long-term talk, but also downloading files, downloading videos and even opening internet-dependent apps took much longer than with other smartphones .

Movies, music and games

Games could be played extremely well on the Moto G7 Power. The Moto G7 Power is surprisingly good for gaming for its price. This is ensured by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 chipset, which was partly designed as a competent gaming chip. This achievement is doubly surprising given the low price, this feature will definitely attract mobile players. The Moto G7 Power is a comfortable smartphone for gamers because thanks to the large screen, games that require accuracy are easier to play. In landscape format, the part also fits in most hands.

When listening to music through headphones, the sound was good, but not particularly loud enough, and the maximum volume of the internal speakers was a little too low, because the sound quality through the speakers is not particularly good either, we do not recommend the new Moto G7 Power for music lovers . Ultimately, of course, it’s up to you.