Nokia 8.2 5G – Specs and Features

Nokia 8.2 5G - Specs and Features
Nokia 8.2 5G - Specs and Features

Nokia 8.2 5G – Specs and Features


Some time ago, we already knew about the upcoming 5G version of Nokia 8.2 for 2020. The HMD Global Company was finalizing its 5G technology. It would be quite credible if we said that it could be presented at the end of February at MWC 2020. From another source we have recently learned more about the features of the future 5G smartphone.

Features of Future Nokia 8.2 5G 2020

The newest Nokia 2020 series is said to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 735 chipset, which is the successor to the Snapdragon 730. More about the Nokia 8.2 5G 2020 is the information that it will be available in three variants. These are listed according to their RAM and GB capacity. Thus, these are the 4 GB RAM version with 64 GB memory, the 6 GB RAM version with 128 GB memory and 8 GB RAM with 256 GB memory capacity, available versions of the Nokia 8.2 5G. It’s amazing that Nokia has made an 8GB RAM capacity available to users, because it’s a first-time performance from the company.


The new Nokia 8.2 smartphone with 5G connectivity should be announced with the most important technical data alone.

The Nokia 8.2 5G smartphone, among other things, could also be the first with a Snapdragon 735 processor. Official Nokia and Qualcomm producers also provided evidence of a 5G enabled Nokia smartphone, which is expected to be released in mid-2020 (2020).

Proper Camera Features:

The smartphone has a square camera design. A main camera with 64 megapixel resolution. In addition, the Nokia 8.2 has a pop-up selfie camera so that a high screen can be obtained in proportion. This is similar to the 4G LTE variant. So on Nokia 8.2 is not a notch or hole to sift. The sensor, however, is designed larger than the Nokia 7.2.

Good news is the result of the topic discussed during the Qualcomm 5G Summit in Barcelona. The spokesperson for HMD Global made statements about the price of 5G smartphones in 2020. It was agreed to halve their prices to increase the acceptance rate. Other topics dealt with further future plans of Nokia.

Snapdragon 7 Series Chipsets:

The 2020-5G technology, with its built-in Snapdragon 7 Series, enables much faster communications across the globe. In the past few years, Qualcomm had also talked about the existence of a Nokia Premium Rider, which is powered by a mobile version of the Snapdragon 7 series and 5G added. Considering that none of the Snapdragon 7 Series chipsets currently support 5G usage, it’s likely that it’s probably an undisclosed chipset. 5G is expected to account for a sizable share of the Qualcomm 2020 production resource. Finally, at the Qualcomm Tech Summit in December in Hawaii, we should learn a lot more about it.

Nokia 8 Series manufacturers have used Snapdragon 7 Series chipsets in the past. Thus, even Nokia 8 2 is just under the Nokia flagship, but without that imagine so expensive. We can say that the Nokia 8.1 will have to be redesigned in the coming months to become one of the most popular smartphones of the future of HMD Global, the Nokia 8.2.

Unbelievable is the announcement by MediaTek, which seems to offer affordable 5G enabled smartphones for 2020. In addition, they should even be able to compete with Qualcomm’s future list of chipsets for smartphones in the middle price range. The purpose is to bring 5G technology into new price segments.

The design of the Nokia 8.2 5G-2020:

So maybe the 5G handset of the company to wait all excited. Details about the new Nokia Mid-Ranger are still very superficial. We know that it should offer the same glass and metal sandwich design that most Nokia Smartphones do.

Among these are also expectations that the camera will include, namely should be offered here a triple camera option. As known on most smartphones, depth detection, wide-angle and ultra-zoom should be included in 2020.

Date of publication:

Unfortunately, Nokia 8.2 is still not on its way to market this year. But other recent rumors indicate sources that HMD Global is actively working on a separate 5G variant, which could allegedly come on the market in early 2020.

Industry sources who spoke with Nokia PowerUser say that HMD Global’s flagship 5G smartphone is definitely the Nokia 8.2 5G. According to some unofficial reports, this is an impressive quad setup on the back. The information provided also indicates that this model does exist.

The fact is that the Nokia 8.2 5G will be presented at MWC 2020 at the end of February. Not to mention that, they should also know that company HMD Global is debating the idea of ​​another name for the smartphone. So do not be surprised if you do not own a smartphone that we have discussed, despite the physical similarities that we have discussed. However, it will probably have to mean the direct link with the standard Nokia 8.2.

We will see together how many of our rumors have been turned into reality.