Norton Security 2020


Norton Security

The virus protection provider from the top 10 list.

Although Symantec was criticized a few years ago, the company managed to make the anti virus product one of the best.

After many efforts and extensions, the software came to its current place.

Norton 2020 offers the most comprehensive protection for many devices at the same time. The manufacturer has used artificial intelligence technologies in its software.

How it works

Norton Security 2020 Software protects your laptop and tablet by identifying and eliminating them beforehand. Thanks to AI technology, the program is capable of learning and continues to expand its memory by itself in order to guarantee users the best possible protection against all virus threats.

With Norton, you are 100% protected against malware. The program is so advanced that it categorizes incoming files based on pre-examinations and, depending on their behavior, carries out the necessary process. Protection against security holes in the operating system is also provided.

With the rise in cybercrime these days, it has become more difficult to escape criminals because they learn in a variety of ways how to overcome system protection barriers.


Norton Security Software protects all of your personal information such as passwords, credit card information, accounts information and much more is protected from perpetrators.

Protection types through Norton 2020 Security

Norton Security offers buyers a variety of protection options. No matter whether you need protection for your child’s tablets and want to implement measures such as restrictions. Norton offers effective protection for children, it enables the desired settings and measures to be taken to protect children from the dangers of the network.

You can also be one who does all possible account management on his PC. Norton Security 2020 also offers the best protection against Kono thieves.

One of the reasons users prefer Norton Security is that Norton also offers online protection. Nowadays, network users are unfortunately no longer securely online, which is why the software encrypts all of their personal information.

Apart from that, Norton also protects your PC Cam from third-party access. That means you will no longer have to worry about using a secure cam with Norton 2020.