Nvidia control panel


Nvidia control panel 2020

The Nvidia 2020 Control Panel drivers and installation

Nvidia 2020 can be installed by all GeForce driver graphics card owners. It is therefore important that you have the latest graphics card driver. You should know that the driver required for Windows 10 can work with the GeForce graphics cards of the series 600, 700, 900, 10, 16 and Titan as well as the RTX series. Of course there are also drivers for older graphics cards.


Start the Nvidia 2020 control panel

Immediately after the installation you will be able to see a display with Nvidia control panel. To start, you must first click on this icon. You will then be able to find the exact information about your graphics card, which can be found under the Nvidia Control Panel functions.

The settings in Nvidia 2020 Control Panel

A 3-D option is available to you, with which you can revise applications. Among these, settings such as adjust image settings with preview, manage 3D settings and surround, configure PhysX can be mentioned.

Adjust Nvidia image settings with preview

This setting allows users to adjust the graphics settings. You can implement the Nvidia adjustments personally as well as automatically. For selection, Nvidia 2020 users can choose performance or quality as a principle of customization for automatic adjustment. But also let the 3D application decide directly.


Manage Nvidia Control Panel 3D Settings

With the Nvidia control panel you have the possibility to adjust your graphics settings in general or program-specific. That means you can use this setting as an example to change the texture quality in games.

Configure Nvidia Control Panel 2020 Surround, PhysX

Nvidia PhysX is a special setting of the Nvidia company. It is available for Nvidia users and helps to improve the quality and performance of games.

Configure Nvidia Control Panel Display

Here you can make settings on the monitor. Under this Nvidia 2020 display you can make much more specific or personal settings. Most of them relate to technical details.

The following are the ones you can configure:

  • Change the resolution
  • Adjust the desktop color settings
  • Rotate the display
  • View the HDCP status
  • Set up digital audio
  • Adjust the desktop size and position
  • Set up multiple ads at once
  • Video settings for the Nvidia control panel
  • Adjust the video color settings and
  • Adjust the video image settings