OpenOffice Free Download 2016


OpenOffice Free Download 2016

Development continues. Apache OpenOffice Free Download 2016 is driven in continuous and provides everything necessary for the office programs – and totally free. Even when export and import of “Microsoft Office” formats, the program has improved.

“OpenOffice 2016”, the famous free Office competitors also continues to write on the program sheet presentation everything you need for daily work in the office. For some time for the Apache “OpenOffice Free Download 2016” spell is responsible.

OpenOffice Free Download 2016: Microsoft Office competitor Forte

“OpenOffice Free Download” 2016 – The free office suite consisting of word processing, spreadsheet, presentation program, drawing program, database management and Equation Editor. OpenOffice is available in the final version in 25 languages and can work with Microsoft Office formats.


“Download OpenOffice 2016”: embed patterns and fonts

The special feature of OpenOffice Free Download 2016 compared to other office software is modular in design and very early use of XML as an internal file format. This OpenOffice comes without extras like clipart, fonts or complex models. The package can, however, customize with all extensions.

Recent changes

OpenOffice Free Download 2016 office suite with 4 gets a major update. New items, such as a sidebar (sidebar) where you can place frequently used tools and aids. OpenOffice Free Download 2016 – This is particularly useful on widescreen monitors – here the rest of the place is ideal exploited. For this purpose, for example, worked in Writer on things like balls, synopsis, reference references and numbering. Especially when importing Microsoft Office documents now produce fewer errors.

The update to version 4.1.2 fixes some bugs in Writer, Calc, Impress, Base and can now work better with Microsoft SharePoint through enhanced WebDAV support. OpenOffice Free Download 2016 – In addition, some vulnerabilities have been closed, which are currently still kept secret. All changes and new features please refer to the manufacturer’s website.