Opera Download 2019

Opera Download 2019

Opera Download 2019
Opera Download 2019

Opera Free Download 2019

Quite conveniently, quickly and safely. “Opera 2019” lets the browser competition in many disciplines far behind. And provides further over the very user-friendly features that bring no other software in the standard package.

New Opera available for download

Besides Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, there is another browser solution that is often forgotten, namely the “Opera Download 2019”.

Fast, reliable and independent Internet browser
“Opera in 2019” is the most popular desktop browser the 5th World. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux, and works on PCs, but also as a browser for smartphones, tablets and available for Internet-connected televisions and decoders. Since “Opera Download 2019” is designed to work on a number of different devices, it can automatically synchronize information between compatible devices the user – including import bookmarks, open tabs and browser history. As with “Opera Download” priority of the highest speed, it is one of the fastest browsers available.


New Browser Opera 2019

Opera Download 2019 contains many features you can choose from a Web browser, such as navigation with tabs, bookmarks bar and page zoom expected (for the visually impaired in support). The program also has a “speed dial”, where users most visited sites in thumbnails on each new opened tab displayed. Opera Download 2019 also offers advantages on the tab. Recently closed tabs, an axis can be opened again and there is also an overview of the currently open tabs – by simply moves the mouse over the tab.

The security features are included by default in “Opera 2019”. Users can easily (, etc. HTTP cookies, browsing history, passwords) to delete their personal data, which is important when working on shared computers such as in an Internet café or library. Opera Download 2019 also ensures that each day the safe navigation of a user. In the address bar, therefore, information on the visible side (such as security certificates) visited and each page is checked for malware or phishing software, the user is warned in potentially dangerous sites.