The free program for editing photos. So a Photoshop program. Paint.NET has been fully designed with tools and functions. The Paint.NET program enables users to use the functions of Adobe Photoshop, but is completely free.

With Paint.NET you can create professional pictures while having fun. The software offers many functions that will be helpful when editing your images. It is very easy to use the program.

Paint.NET Features

With Paint.NET, users can use different layers similar to Adobe Photoshop to be able to create overlays when designing their images.


Countless effects for editing images. Some of them for painting, cutting, drawing, filling, rounding, shortening and much more. It is important to learn what the symbols for effects contain.

Operation of the Paint.NET download

The user interface of Paint.NET was designed to be very easy to use by the developer. The positions of the tools are extremely intuitive and easy to remember.

You don’t need to worry about the functions that seem complicated at first glance. They are all very easy to learn and a few times they become Paint.NET professionals. In addition, there are instructions in the program for the tools that explain how to use them. If these explanations were not sufficiently informative for you, you can still get detailed information about the functions of the tools via forums and other user communities.

The suitable devices for Paint.NET

The image editing program Paint.NET works completely independently of your device. This means that Paint.NET can be downloaded to a tablet, PC or notebook. The program delivers the same performance on all devices and is simply fast.

The extensions for the Paint.NET program

Paint.NET did not always have the option to download extensions. But now Paint.NET artists can download new tools for editing their pictures. These include brushes, patterns, effects and 3-D plug-ins, which the user can also download. This way they expand their Paint.NET software and can work with a higher quality program.


The completely free program for Windows is very useful and does not differ from paid Photoshop programs.