Pentax K-1 Features and Functions

Pentax K-1 Features and Functions
Pentax K-1 Features and Functions

Pentax K-1

A full-format camera with 36 megapixel resolution.

If you want to get sharp and accurate pictures, the K1 will be the right camera for you. The Pentax K-1 allows you to take precise pictures, with the appropriate ISO setting and good lighting conditions. Given higher ISO settings up to ISO 1600, it is possible to get quite good pictures. Over this limit, the unwanted noise already begins.

The sensor of the Pentax K-1

The sensor of the Pentax K-1 also serves as an image stabilizer due to its placement. Although this stabilizer is suitable for alla lenses. On the other hand, the versatile sensor in super-resolution mode is used as a movable sensor. During this mode, the sensor this time moves the shot through in 1-pixel increments.

The design

The housing of the Pentax K-1 was built according to the manufacturer rain and dust.


The display of the K1 was designed so that it can be unfolded and unusually twisted. The stability of the display is also exceptional, because it is sturdy enough to be held alone and lifted.

Measuring fields

The Pentax K-1 has a new improved autofocus. Even though it does not offer very high readings, the K1 gives equally good sensitivity. 0.18 seconds, that is the time used by the autofocus to focus in daylight. At dusk, it looks almost the same with 0.20 seconds. Sharp pictures through continuous shooting are unfortunately not for the Pentax K-1.


Of course, the Pentax K-1 has Wi-Fi connection to smartphones and tablets. Unlike the Pentax K-1 is the additional integrated GPS.

Video recordings

The Pentax K-1 is not very suitable for videos. That’s because a maximum of 30 frames per second can be recorded in Full HD. For a movie recording, the Pentax K-1 is just too tedious. Easier scenes for those who manually adjust the settings can record in full HD detail. However, 4K resolution movies can only record the K-1 in fast motion mode.

Battery of the Pentax K-1

The Pentax K-1 works with a good battery, which keeps it for a long time. With the Pentax K-1 you can take more than 1,000 pictures until your battery runs out.

Type: Camera:
Pentax K-1
Modell: Pentax K-1
Wireless: Built-in
Aspect Ratio: 3:2
Display: 3,2 Zoll LCD (1.037.000)
Camera Format: Full-Frame
Focus Type: Auto and Manuel Focus
ISO: Auto 100-204.800
Battery live: max. 750 shots
Dust resistance/Waterproof: Yes
Shutter Speed: 1/8000 sec
Sensor type: CMOS 35,9 x 24 mm
Image File Formats: RAW,DNG,PEF, JPEG, DCF 2.0, EXIF 2.31
Prozessor: Prime IV
Effective pixels: 36,4 MP
Weight: 925g
Memory Card Slot: dual SD card
Colour: black
Dimensions: 136,5 x 110 x 85,5mm