Picasa Download 2016


Picasa Download 2016


Google “Picasa 2016” presents a solution for the management of digital images. “Picasa Download” is considered the leading image management software that has all the essential tools: Import from PC, organize, edit, share about Picasa Web, Google+ etc.

Comprehensive tools for image management

For photo enthusiasts “Download Picasa” is one of the leading software solutions in order to catalog the images collection or for editing and sharing photos.

“Picasa Free Download” import images directly from the PC. The software scans selected folders and synchronize them as soon as Picasa starts. More does not need to import images.

The download link leads to the “Picasa” website…

Picasa Download 2016 cataloged images when imported automatically. The albums contain the folder name where you have stored the images. Just drag and drop one takes the images from one another in an album. To catalog the images continue to add tags to each image. Such tags are for example the Location or the names of the persons concerned.


“Free Picasa” is not taken up in professorial ioneler photo editing software, but the program has some basic editing functions: cropping, alignment, red-eye correction, contrast settings and a selection of filters.

Picasa 2016 provides additional features to help you create posters, photomontage, a screensaver or short films. The result is Picasa Download 2016 is in the external image viewer. Alternatively, divide the projects on different platforms such as the web application from Picasa, Google+, your own blog or email.

Other useful options: Picasa Download 2016 detects duplicates and empty albums. The software provides images with a geo-tag and compresses it when saving.

Intuitive use for Inexperienced

Through the logical structure and the ease of use of Picasa Download 2016, the software is also suitable for beginners. The best example of this are the functions for image editing. The intuitive user interface provides instant access to all functions. The help function supports less experienced users.


Conclusion: All-in-one solution for any photographer

Google provides with Picasa Download 2016 before the optimum solution to organize image collections, edit and share photos with friends. The easy to understand structure of Picasa Download 2016 is particularly opposed inexperienced photographers, especially when they are already working with other Google products.

New function

  • Share with Google + -Kreisen
  • Upload the Picasa tags on Google+
  • New Photo Effects
  • edit photos next to each other

Last changes

The current version extends the software, among other things to integrate into Google+ and allows the sharing of photos with his friends circles.

Picasa supports the following formats