Safari Free Download 2016


Safari Free Download 2016

With the Internet browser Safari Apple is taking a trip to the Windows world. The free Web browser supports extensions, with which one adapts Safari to your own needs.

Extensions and cloud connectivity

Safari Free Download 2016 brings all functions on the computer that you would expect from a modern browser. In addition, Safari has the familiar iTunes and Mac OS X Cover Flow view on board. “Safari Free Download 2016” – About a 3D display are accessed via the so-called top sites feature quickly to the pages most used to, or navigate through the browser history.

Since version 5 supports Safari extensions – as the competitors Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. With plug-ins of the Apple website to fit the Web browser without rebooting to your own taste. With the online service iCloud to store bookmarks online, sharing it with other devices.

Apple’s alternative for Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox under Windows: Apple’s own browser “Safari”. The freeware has a strong bookmark management, a tab feature and a built-in search. In addition, the tool has a pop-up blocker, an RSS feed, as well as auto-completion.


Elegant and fast

“Safari 2016” comes in the Apple-typical elegant minimalist design. The Cover Flow feature is implemented graphically pretty. Unfortunately, the surface is not in harmony with the most clearly more colorful windows window decoration. In terms of speed, the new version can increase compared with their predecessors. “Safari Download 2016” – With the Nitro JavaScript engine in Safari you call many times faster than before according to the manufacturer complex web applications.