Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Specs and Features

Samsungn Galaxy Note 10
Samsungn Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Last year’s Galaxy Note9 wasn’t the big upgrade everyone expected. It was even described as a ‘’ boring ’’ upgrade compared to the Note8.

Nevertheless, the cell phone was well received because it comes from the Note series. So also the mantra, plus zero compromises.

No repair if it’s not broken, isn’t it? However, the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + this year are a big deviation from the usual one for Samsung users.

This year’s flagships sparked some controversy. And that is largely due to the 3.5 mm wide socket. Yes, in fact, Samsung likes to be one of those who give up this ship, so the last OEMs without a slot. It gets less and less with both cell phones – the Vanilla Note10 and the Plus version.

Fortunately, the Note10 + at least keeps the microSD card slot.

That being said, as a user, we expect the Note10 + to become a more significant upgrade in almost every way.

The battery life, display, camera performance, charging speed and also the traditional S-Pen bring some new features to appear.

As we see, one of the most noticeable changes is the screen size and the camera. With the help of the curved edges, Samsung was able to incorporate a fairly large screen into the body, including cut bezels, which the OCD freaks will enjoy. Even instead of pushing the pinhole camera around the edges, as with the S10 series, to center it, users will be pleased. However, the question arises whether it will really get better than with a standard notch?

And although the Note10 + could not satisfy some Note fans (at least that is what our surveys show), the cell phone is an absolute power pack and can, if not necessarily, keep up with the right trends of 2019.

Let’s see together how everyday use performs in our tests without drawing any premature conclusions. The lack of a headphone jack and dongle is one of the most remarkable features that are missing in all Note 10 smartphones. The now familiar audio port disappeared in 2016, at the same time that Lenovo / Motorola and Apple excluded it from their cell phones. Since then, this feature has become a peculiarity among premium phones and is unique. Until the Note 10, the Samsung Note series was one of the last mobile phones with this connection.

If you want to use the Note 10 devices, you have to get by with Bluetooth, so be sure to bring headphones or a dongle, which surprisingly is not included in the scope of delivery. (Samsung offers it separately for $ 10). For stubborn cable-bound users, there are still cell phones that make it possible, including the Samsung Galaxy S10.

In contrast to the Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 5G, no second front camera was installed in the Note 10 is surprising. Since the hint ‘’ 10 ’’ usually stands for the Ultraluxe line from Samsung, we have a theory about that – whether it could be a wide-angle camera like the S10 Plus or a depth detection camera like the S10 5G.

So far with more than ever Galaxy phones, it looks like Samsung is throwing everything else into the sink from the Note 10. With the retreat to fewer features, the Note 10 is now

cheaper than the Note 9 when starting the business. Which makes the mobile phone much more powerful and also makes it accessible to a larger number of users.

Short overview Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Get to know the 6.8-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, which is supposed to prove the opposite

We now think together: “Wow, can cell phone displays be even bigger?” Yes, you can with this screen size, the Note 10 Plus is an incredibly large Samsung phone with an equally great price. The huge screen and aura glow glass is almost impossible to fall in love with, especially if you’re a top smartphone lover. It is both the current class leader and classic looking.

Of course, today’s top-rated cellphones have large screens, including some from Samsung. So the new Note 10 Plus surpasses what the S10 Plus had delivered about 6 months earlier.
Unique S Pen with new magic pen-like tricks designed for gesture control.

Screens in these sizes require a pen. The term ‘’ all inclusive Samsung phone & quote ’’ for the S10 Plus literally meant this. But it should bring out more and the Note 10 Plus delivers most of it.

The integrated five cameras are used for a live focus & portrait format with user-friendly filters. The pixel is only 3 but despite this, the main cameras from Samsung have a filter for the selective black and white color dots and big circles even in low light conditions. This took our selfie fun to the next level. The Note 10 Plus has the best front camera we’ve ever tested.
In terms of function ideas, which we did not need, Samsung hereby takes another step. Live Focus Video, it makes sense on paper, yes, just test it once and you will find that you actually don’t want blurred backgrounds and annoying effects in your videos.

The same applies to AR Doodle – can be used, but is not necessary. This year the AR Emoji / Animoji is trending.

All of the 2019 common note phones lack one, and that is a self-evident 3.5 mm headphone input. Samsung has finally given in to the unpopular battery trend and made its cellphones thinner and larger.

Then we will now coordinate this luxury handset together. What you will get for your money will be a great camera in your pocket – but it’s actually not the best cell phone with camera features. It’s fast – but, technically speaking, it’s not the fastest cell phone you could buy.
Put all that aside – the rankings don’t matter: the Note 10 is Samsung’s best phone and most importantly, we had the most fun with a smartphone in 2019. Unfortunately, this is probably the last time before the Galaxy Fold Revolution that Samsung is great.