The new big Samsung Galaxy super Note10 Plus full power

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Get to know the 6.8-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, which is supposed to prove the opposite if we think together: “Wow, phone screens can’t get bigger, can they?” Oh they can.

With its huge screen size, the Note 10 Plus is a huge Samsung phone with an equally remarkable price that is a bit bigger than the Galaxy Note 10. But it’s easy to fall in love with the screen and the Aura Glow glass if you ‘again in exaggerated smartphone opulence. It is both class-leading and classy looking.

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It’s still a big phone, though it was surpassed by the slightly larger Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and its 6.9-inch display. And yes, the entire Galaxy S20 range comes with higher specs and cameras, but the Note 10 Plus remains a top smartphone that has probably received a certain discount by now. It’s still the most powerful pen-wrapped phone, at least until the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 comes out later in 2020.

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Today’s best cell phones all have large screens, including several from Samsung. The new Note 10 Plus goes beyond what the S10 Plus made available six months earlier and promotes the practical, note-exclusive S Pen with new tricks for controlling gesture control.

Screens of these sizes are begging for a pen, and when we called the S10 Plus “almost everything included a Samsung phone,” we meant it.

But there has to be more, and the Note 10 Plus mostly delivers.

The five cameras offer a Live Focus portrait mode with user-friendly filters. Although the Pixel 3 outperforms Samsung’s main cameras in low-light conditions, the selective black and white color point and big circles filters have taken our selfie game to the next level. The Note 10 Plus has the best selfie camera we’ve ever tested.

Samsung goes one step further with ideas that we didn’t need. Live Focus Video makes sense on paper, but just test it once and you will find that you don’t want any annoying background blur effects in your videos. The same applies to AR Doodle – to use properly once, but extremely unnecessary. It is this year’s AR Emoji / Animoji.

You can find these features and a pen on the “normal” 6.4-inch Note 10, which offers a more hand-friendly screen and a cheaper price. However, faster specs, a microSD card slot, a larger battery and ultra-fast charging speeds are exclusive to the Note 10 Plus.