Samsung Galaxy S10 5G – Specs and Features

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

The next generation smartphone is ready to use the new generation 5G network.
5G technology enables extremely fast data access for users.

Are you ready for a whole new world of connection with a 5G-capable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S10.

With the Galaxy S10 5G, you can access data with extremely low latency at lightning speed. This allows them to download music, stream movies and start games at such a high speed that you will forget what the wait before felt like.

An Infinity-O display will be your uninterrupted view for 5G content. With the help of precise laser cutting, the front camera can be stowed in the corner, which helps to beautify the screen. The use of the latest technologies has made it possible to process an ultrasound fingerprint into the screen. The Samsung manufacturer has produced a 6.7-inch display for the Galaxy S10. The largest display in the Galaxy S10 series to date. The display consists of Dynamic AMOLED and HDR10 + certified with Dynamic Tone Mapping. Offers amazingly real colors and contrasts in every scene. The huge 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen ensures a great cinema experience and is easy on the eyes with realistic colors and reduced blue light.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Ultrasound fingerprint

An advanced screen sensor recognizes your fingerprint using ultrasound pulses. Just touch the screen and it will recognize your unique fingerprint – that’s invisible and vault-like security.
Embedded in the screen is an ultrasound fingerprint scanner that works even when wet. We are pleased to announce that the S10 5Gs work great in both wet and dry conditions.

The Galaxy S10 5G is as beautiful to look at as it is pleasant to hold. The new Samsung Galaxy are available in a range of futuristic colors that capture the light. The front and back are made of durable Gorilla Glass. Which has been highly polished to highlight the beautiful gem-like shades. The smartphone is surrounded by a slim metal frame. The thinnest of the Galaxy S10 series has been elegantly swung for an ergonomic grip by the user.

The next generation camera

With the high-quality Hexa camera you will have the next generation camera technology in your pocket. The Samsung Galaxy S10’s viewing angles are as strong as the brightness. Compared to the older models, visibility outdoors never diminishes even in direct sunlight. There are some adjustments within the settings.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has six smart cameras that let you take your best shots with ease. The 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera can capture images as you see them at a 123-degree angle. The new 3D depth camera uses ToF camera technology to assess depth and distance. Your videos are carried to the next level with live focus.

The live focus video effect gives your films an artistic touch in real time.

This can blur backgrounds as you shoot live focus videos. The 3D depth camera is not only on the front but also on the back of the camera. It detects and measures distances between the camera and the subject, so you can switch between foreground and background focus with one swing.

The ability of the 3D depth camera to measure distances is dualized with AR intelligence to enable quick measurement for users. Check whether your new chair fits before you take it home or whether your new pot with houseplants fits on it. It’s very easy. Simply point your camera at an object to determine its dimensions.

Intelligent battery with the highest performance of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone so far.
An impressive 4500 mAh battery supplies the Galaxy S10 5G with power. It is so powerful that it can disconnect you from the mains and keep you online. With Wireless PowerShare and the Galaxy S10 5G, you as a user can recognize your daily routine and usage patterns. That is to manage the power of apps that you are not using, using the power saving mode based on battery life for their prediction of the day.

Super Fast Charging changes your daily routine

The battery capacity is the largest in the Galaxy S10 series, but despite this, it charges quickly. If you prefer to work wirelessly, it also supports Fast Wireless Charging. So you spend less time charging and more time enjoying.

Super-fast charging, supported by the charging standard USB Power Delivery PPS (Programmable Power Supply).

With a super processor and 8 GB of RAM, Samsung Galaxy S10 users achieve smooth 5G connections, so you can do even more on your smartphone, even if you play games that would normally overload your smartphone. You will love this because, with up to 512 GB of internal memory, you can play but download without having to delete.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is a very large cell phone, which is not surprising given its 6.7-inch display. Nevertheless, at 7.94 mm it is ideally wide and weighs 198g.
The on and off button is located on the right of the Galaxy S10 5G and is relatively easy to reach. The volume button is on the left above the Bixby button. You can press the Bixby button to quickly access Samsung’s digital assistant.

When choosing the color of the Galaxy S10 5G, you can choose from three versions: Crown Silver, Majestic Black and Royal Gold.

The design ultimately convinced Samsung lovers. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a big part, but it still manages to be elegant, slim, and handy for the most part.

By activating the vivid mode, the AMOLED colors are enhanced. This way you can also adjust the color temperature to your eyes for a comfortable view.
The Galaxy S10 5G also has the largest hole in one of the new S10 smartphones, so it is also most noticeable. However, it is technically in the notification bar to prevent problems from common use.

Take a look at the settings for a variety of functions. This includes practical tools such as Smart Stay, so that the smartphone only goes into sleep mode when you stop staring at it. You can also reduce the resolution and thus reduce power consumption. Like most new flagships, the Samsung GalaxyS10 5G is a bag of tricks.