Samsung Galaxy S11 Specs and Features


Samsung Galaxy S11 Specs and Features


Finally the new flagship of Samsung was announced. The release date of the Samsung Galaxy S11 was scheduled for February 2020.

As of the date of publication or for sale, it could be said that you could hear an announcement from Samsung in advance of the MWC. Which was planned for 2020 from 24 to 27 February this year. Accordingly, it is possible that Samsung could publish the respective announcement for the Galaxy S11 in a press conference on the subject. Most likely, LG G9 and a new Xiaomi Mi 10 with the Samsung flagship will be launched simultaneously.

There are many rumors about the new smartphone. One of them is the assumption that it could be equipped with the new Exynos 990 chip. This is ultimately the fastest chip that can be used. Among them is a camera with 108 MP size.

The operating system of the Samsung Galaxy S11

The expectation of an Exynos 990 processor, but from the manufacturer, as they had spoken of which processor will drive the Samsung Galaxy S11 -2020. The fact is that we will be able to convince ourselves in February of how the device will turn out.

If it becomes the case that the new 990 processor with 7 nm chip is actually used, this will provide support for 120 Hz displays. Now better than the previous model Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Of course, this also includes a 20% increase in performance.

In some countries, Samsung Galaxy S11 -2020 will be different. Although, instead of the Exynos, the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 will also be used as the operating system. Surprising for us 2020, the proposed integration of a 5G modem, in one of two variants of this chip, so that no separate 5G modem for the Galaxy S11 could be used.

Expectations of the camera characteristics

Expected in 2020, for the Galaxy S11 flagship also a built-108-MP camera. The expectations of this Seitz have arisen because it has already been used by other smartphones.

In addition, an improved zoom optics for the S11-2020 is expected. It is even assumed that this offers more than a 5x optical zoom.

A quick charge function or charger is also on the list in 2020, so a minimum 45 W fast charger is the Bixby button and the heart rate sensor.

Design of the Samsung Galaxy S11

Already very short time after the announcement, rumors about the display characteristics of the new flagship have spread quickly and online. Most of them relate in particular to the look of the Samsung Galaxy S11 -2020. With great excitement, it is waiting to see if the hole-selfie camera from the Infinity-O panel of the Samsung, 2020 or will be left out. Among the possibilities is also considered that the screen could also be used as a speaker. Yang Byung-duk, the vice president of Samsung made some comments on pinhole camera, even though it was only mentioned that at least a smaller hole could be made in 2020.

Logical would be the Samsung Galaxy S11 also, in addition to the company’s own OneUI support by Android 10 drivers.

The first concept of the announced Galaxy S11 2020 was released by Tech Configurations. These have been used for clarity by readers of this article. But be aware that this is an unofficial based compilation. Like everyone else, we’ll also have to wait for official release on Samsung Galaxy S11.

The name of the new Samsung smartphone

Worth mentioning are also the speeches about the naming of the new Samsung flagship. That is what is being said in Korea, that it might not even be called S11. With the opinion that most smartphone manufacturers use these numbers terms until the 10th of the series. The successor should use a different name.

Interestingly, Samsung has not denied these allegations, so it could really be the case that the numbers are dropped and a completely different name for the new device is devised. This could be a simpler one like Samsung Galaxy S11 or even a completely more ingenious one. Let us surprise.

We were recently told by reliable sources that we could expect the combination of the Galaxy S Series and the Note Series in 2020 instead of a Galaxy S11.

What will the Galaxy S11 cost?

At the moment we have no reason to worry that the Samsung manufacturer will raise its prices even further in 2020. Given the price of Galaxy S10. It is quite possible that they will be carried away by the 5G technology. But be aware of the fact that this technology will be very widespread soon (2020) and will be integrated into almost all smartphones.

In comparison, the Galaxy S10 currently costs $ 799 and the Galaxy S10 Plus model costs $ 100 more. These are the prices for the smartphones from the Samsung company, of course you can also buy them for a cheaper price.

Also uncertain is currently the price of the new flagship. Waiting is now announced, of course, hope that it is not a priceless smartphone. In any case, there will be a slight difference in price between the Galaxy S11 and the S11 Plus in 2020 because the respective screens and batteries will vary.

Like the Samsung smartphones from the previous years, the Galaxy S11, with high probability, also immediately be ordered in advance. However, it is safe to say that the new Galaxy will be up for sale in March 2020.

Surely you can also be sure that by then already another on the subject of the latest smartphones will be scrutinized.