Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus The new version of power

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is the most impressive “middle child” phone we’ve ever tested – and most likely the best pound-for-pound S20 phone. It is a powerhouse that offers the best advantages of its siblings and finds the perfect balance between them.

That said, it has a larger display and longer battery life than the Samsung Galaxy S20, but is not quite as big and expensive as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. If you want affordability or the best of the best, go with one of the other two; However, we expect the S20 Plus to hit the sweet spot for most people.

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Aside from the Ultra Premium Ultra, this is also the first big 5G phone of the year – and one that works on both the mmWave and Sub-6 frequencies. What matters is that the standard S20 only works with Sub-6, which means that some U.S. airlines don’t even sell this phone. This in turn means that the S20 Plus will be the cheapest S20 model.

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus

Add some really great cameras with enhanced zoom and world-class specs to the mix, and the S20 Plus deserves its place as the best of the S20 trio. The phone isn’t perfect – there are plenty of nitpicks that we’ll go into below – but it’s a great all-round choice with the best of this year’s top features, though you have to pay for it.

The 4G only variant is available in Australia (not available in the United States or the United Kingdom) for AU $ 1,299 with 128 GB of memory and 8 GB of RAM. All 5G versions of the phone have 12 GB of RAM.

We tested the 5G version of the phone. This review focuses primarily on this device as it is the most widely available handset.

In other words, Samsung presents this year’s Plus model as an intermediate step rather than a larger version – which is a bit lengthy. There aren’t as many extras in the S20 Plus as in the S10 Plus that justify the relative price jump … apart from the 5G connectivity.

Since you cannot buy an S20 Plus for 4G only in some regions, you only have to live with the premium price. We haven’t heard the prices and availability of these models yet, but will add them here if we do.

The S20 Plus is available in a variety of cool, subdued colors: Cosmic Gray, Cloud Blue, Cosmic Black and Aura Blue. British consumers can also get the phone in Cloud White, but only through the O2 mobile operator.